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May 12, 2017 - justwastingtime

out of curiosity

Does/has anyone on here work at store 0876? If so, what is or has, your personal experience there been like? I’ve noticed in the close to a year I’ve been stuck in this circle of hell expectations change daily. If you work hard, they’ll work you harder (especially if you’re not a favorite). The laziest workers seem to have a blind eye turned to them. You never get the same job duties twice. If one person tells you one thing, it’s guranteed you’ll have 10 others switch it up on you. From day to day it’s impossible to keep up with what the expectations are for that day, hell, maybe even that hour. Just curious if anyone near here knows exactly what I’m talking about. Or if it’s just like this at the majority of the stores?


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  • CanStacker says:

    Grapevine store has always had issues. The problem is upper management. Constantly changing priorities and goals. Never giving the teams proper leadership. Dave is a perfect example of this.


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