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May 31, 2011 - Firefligh

Opening???? or Unopening

So i’ve been with target for a while now and I’m one of those people who work their rear off, but my lable??? “PC” or Problem Child. I work on a weekly basis 2 to 3 sections at my store and work them hard, but what happens today on this lovely holiday? I come in ( a few mins late as I am a single mother and had to wait for a sitter) but i called and was told ok. I then headed over to my work section to do my normal opening and come to find out 2 hrs later my section TL (at least the one I’m at today) had already prepped my pizza dough and and i had redone it as no one had told me, what a waste…. everything had to be repanned and what was the comment i got??? “Well why didn’t you assume it had been done????”  Myreply.. “u… if I opened.. why would be done before I got there???? and if it was done.. why couldn’t i stay home fro my 11th day of work straight?”

Yep..that’s me always casing problems… I mean heck if i had known that it was opened before i was there I wouldn’t have opened as I was supposed too…

course maybe its me who thinks this.

But that’s one of many things, at the section I was hired to do (Starbucks) I have been there the longest yet even with 2 bachelor’s degrees, previous AF, and working on my masters.. I was told I was not  TL material.. or apparently a trainer because I’m a PC, new girl gets hired gets $1 more then me and everyone else brags to everyone,  been with the company for 3 months, and just got her GED..being groomed for trainer/TL… kill me as we don’t get along.. it’ll be a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong uphill battle to remain in that section


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  • TargetSucks says:

    It's against federal law to work 11 days in a row. Employers are required to give you "One Day Off in Seven" - so basically you can't work more than 6 days in a row without your written consent. Contact HR or a lawyer. 🙂

  • Firefligh says:

    well that's the thing,they don't even ask anymore.. just give me the shifts and then figure out i'm on day 11... idiots


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