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December 18, 2018 - lunallena7

oof, hardest worker on the team & i get fired for overtime (they gave me) ?

Kind of long, sorry. Just need to get this out.

It happened 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been honestly fuming about it ever since. I can’t believe they did what they did. I got fired for “multiple” reasons, and all minus one of them was bullshit. But hey, was only at 60 days so nothing I can do. I worked at the Starbucks in the store, though I’ve also helped with register & consumables, but I got along with almost all my team members in the cafe great. In this case probably too great, and this is the one reason I’ll own up to fucking up, we talked a lot of shit over there. I worked with all young girls, and everyone had someone they didn’t very much like in our crew. I just happened to be the one who got snitched on for the gossip. I was closing shop one night with one of the great coworkers I was becoming friends with, and I started talking about how one of the girls obviously had no clue what she was doing, and listed the issues with what she does and it wasn’t actually my crew member who ended up snitching about it, it was someone (still don’t know who) that overheard our conversation and told the higher ups. I got talked to a couple days later, and apologized to the GM and even to the girl I was indirectly mean to because she knew now. Even got her a Christmas gift ha. Which just to foreshadow something but it’s very annoying that said girl who wasn’t too great at her job already had been “talked to” THREE times, and one of the times it was about the target employees on register having a serious problem with her, but no, I get fired first. Either WAY. I get scheduled to work a 41 hour week. I assume they have no clue they did it because our store is always talking about “don’t go OT”. But hey I didn’t assume I’d get fired for it, plus the following 2 weeks I was scheduled only 15hrs both weeks. I was supposed to be full time!! So of course I was like hey I’ll take the super full week. Guess I made a mistake. So it’s the following week after that one, I work my whole shift (closing) with my LOD and everything seems fine. I’m washing dishes when I get called to the office to talk to the GM & my LOD is there. Immediately aware after the last talk that it isn’t a good thing to be in that room lol. They tell me I’m being let go because of the OT, because I knew about it but didn’t say anything and it was rude. You know what’s rude ? The fact I got what ended up being almost 3hrs of over time because I HELPED the store out when they needed it. I closed Starbucks alone TWO nights in a row, Fri-Sat our 2 busiest days, and yeah it takes about an hour and I was supposed to actually leave before the shop closed but I was the only one they had. Yikes, sorry I did my job + you guys wouldn’t of had another option anyway ? Also I was SCHEDULED the OT so idk, just blows my mind they could use that as a reason because it shouldn’t be my responsibility and I was a huge help to them which led to it. After that the reasons they gave were just obviously out of their ass. I was told a freezer pull hadn’t been done like a week ago, and they just decided to blame it on me. There’s usually 2-3 girls in the shop so it is 100% their job as much as mine to get that done, but nope, blamed me. Hell if it was my fault it was probably the day I worked 6HRS alone, which no other crew member had ever had to do but they “accidentally” scheduled 5 girls on 1st shift and none on 2nd but me ?? But I’d done it with no complaints & I’m actually super certain it wasn’t that day because I ended up with time to spare & I cleaned tf out of the kitchen. I also generally WAS the one who remembered to do pulls & temps, the other girls always forgot. Temp sheet was 80% my initials. Last but not least, they said some coworkers (of course they couldn’t name) had a problem with me and my “attitude”. I asked if it was my crew at Starbucks and they said no! Just normal Target employees! What! The! Heck?! How am I getting fired for the people I generally never interact with, not liking me for honestly I have no clue why. No clue, never had a single amount of tension I knew of between anyone. Sorry this has been a damn read but I’m so upset. The pay was nice, I loved my crew at Starbucks, and I did a DAMN good job at what I did. Cared about the guests & the drinks, always took shifts that needed covered, worked all the holidays thus far, worked/closed alone on 4 different occasions, cleaned the place more than anyone else, organized the freezers for them just to be nice. But nah, I “didn’t act like I cared” enough about my (ex)job. Stupid hell.


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  • fucktarget247 says:

    Holy shit SMFH. So I see Target hasn't changed any since I left. The team "leads" I had were some of the worst managers I've ever had. They tried to fire a guy once because he didnt come in on a day that he was scheduled off smh. Their reason was that, "He should've known that that was a mistake, and they meant to schedule him" SMFH. That's messed up how they did you, and I hope you find or found better employment FUCK TARGET

  • mchisari says:

    Yeah Tarshit will do this to you. I hate Tarfuck's guts ever since I left Asslicker cart attendant. Fuck Target. Fuck TARDOUCHE!!!!!!Fuckity Fuck Fuck Douchebags!!!!


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