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November 25, 2014 - keropi

Only Desperate Workers Need Apply

I took my position as a Food Ave. team member with high hopes, and an expectation of 25 hours or LESS to cover gas money and minor expenses. I am a part time worker, after all. However, I have never worked less than 35-37 hours a week, while the full timers are complaining about no hours and referring to the swap shift board like its the Bible. Of course this has sent my grades down the shitter, and created a ripple effect throughout the rest of my personal life–all for that paycheck of barely 500 bi-weekly.

I have also figured out that I am a sort of filler worker. Sometimes I close, open, clopen. I never have a regular schedule, mainly because there are hardly any full time workers to keep the balance. It disgusts me that the other team members are so accustomed to it. Admins will assign personable faces as leaders so you feel like you are disappointing a human being when you can’t meet their expectations.

Don’t forget you are working for a CORPORATION. These are the same soul-less shells that schedule me on my only requested day off (for my brother’s chemo) because HR had unused hours, or schedule me to work until 2 am Black Friday so I can come in 1pm-9:30 the next day.

Like an abusive spouse, Target and other major retailers get off by convincing their workers that they are worthless. That if you don’t want your shitty job with your unstable hours, and peanuts for pay, there is a line of people begging to bite the line. Believe me, there are plenty more shitty jobs out there. How many team members do you see come and go? Until it becomes unprofitable to keep training people, they will continue to regard you and me as disposable.

So here I am, threatening silently to myself, to turn in my two weeks notice. Again. Students: Ask yourself if you really need this job. Because if your money is going to self perpetuating “therapy” like fast food, video games, and new clothes, because you ‘deserve it,’ or paying tuition on the college classes you failed due to your poor organization and your work’s erratic scheduling, you do not need to be diluting the service industry with even more part time workers.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Working at Target for a shitty paycheck and letting your education suffer is very short-sighted. Hand in your two weeks, or just get the fuck out of there, and get your grades up!

  • viciousdave says:

    I know there so stupid. Because the head HR does the actual scheduling every single week. But she's always a bitch and does things stupid on the list. Like work till 11 PM and than 8 the next morning. HELLO? I need more sleep than that, or I'm gonna come in all tired and aggrevated at the guests, that's your fault HR. And the other big thing is what you said. Part timers get hours and hours but full timers only get part time hours. WTF? What kind of business does that? You hire people for what they are worthy for and what you gave them, not some clueless HR who doesn't know, owe, you're part time? See the thing here you need to do the most if you are still hired and can't find another job is speak to head HR manager and tell her specifically that you are hired as a part timer. Write her a note and give it to her also so she has a reminder when she does time schedule. It helped me when I said I was full time and wah lah I get 35+ every week.


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