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August 17, 2012 - ONEMonthandOUT


SO I was hired in the beginning of July and they told me changing my avaiability once school approached wouldn’t be an issue and hired me on the spot. They had me closing Friday-Sundays and working about 2-3 times during the week. I’m just gunna say working there has been terrible.  The GSTL’s and LOD’s complain when people bring in 10000 coupons and (even tho the computer checks them, they complain and insist we go thru their bags to make sure if they are saving over 100 dollars using coupons) IF UR COMPUTER IS ACCEPTING THEM AND U THINK THEY SHOULDNT  REWRITE YOUR COMPUTER PROGRAMS!  THEN  they always complain when you ask to have your break or lunch saying “WE tell you when to go to break/lunch” THEN when they worked me over 6 hours after I WARNED them saying my 6 hours was approaching  they yelled at me the next day when they realized i worked 20 minutes over 6 hours and said how it was my fault (EVEN THO I SPOKE OUT!) and made me sign some stupid paper saying it was my fault that i “lost track of time” BS. OH! and now that school is starting monday  I sent in my avaiabilty change request  last week..THEY DENIED IT! so now im scheduled to work…like 30 minutes after takes me at least 45 minutes to drive HOME from school…It is ridiculous   they don’t care if you go to school or anything they just care about working you to the max no matter what. They even skip your breaks sometimes! It’s downright unfair and anyone thinking of working there shouldn’t. trust me no one on here is making any of this’s really how they are. Puttin’ in my 2 weeks next friday.


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