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July 22, 2014 - John Cree

OMFG, Store Politics

I worked for Garland East Super Target – 1489 from Spring 2004 to Winter 2014.

OMG the amount of Store Politics, I don’t care who you respect or like, we are adults, treat each other with respect and do your damn job. Don’t try and screw each other over.

Ever the asshole who spent a year verbally abusing me got my respect as a TM. I would still help and work with that homophobic asshole. Be fucking professional.

These are fucking Store Managers, ETLs and TLs causing even more grief in the store so they could screw the next ETL or TL for some god awful stupid ass reason.

One great example: In 2013 we got a new Logistics ETL, completely worthless bitch BTW, She and the Store Manager at the time groomed a TL, they worked with him and got him trained then they fired the Backroom TL, and replaced him with the one they hand picked. Well after the Store Manager left the store in January. Side Note: I do hope my homophobic report had something to do with that, what a Huge Homophobic Cunt she was. Anyway. The ETL was getting grilled on her failure and she took the new TL and blamed him for everything she failed at. OMG. She hand picked this guy and a few months later She threw him under the bus. Rightly the guy Stood up to her and then Quit refusing to take the blame for all that bullshit.

OMG the number of times my TL or ETL just did something to screw over the next ETL or TL. Damn if they acted like a fucking Team. Well we can’t have that. Cooperation? Respect? Taking Responsibility for your own actions? My God! Hell No! Blame the next guy. It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t do it.

I was always amazed when someone came to me asked me who made a mistake and I would be like, “I don’t know.” or “I did that.” Well they always seemed astonished that I either didn’t throw someone under the bus, or actually had the balls to say, “Ya that was me, wont do that next time.” or “Ya I did if that way, this is why.”

I’m fucking 30, I can take responsibility for my action, Why can’t these fucking assholes do it?

OMG the amount of Politics in that store. I had to keep track of who hated who, or who was blaming who, or who was screwing who. Damn I don’t have time for all this bullshit I’m trying to get MY job done.

Grow the Fuck up Target. Take some responsibility for your own fucking actions. MY GOD. Why can’t Walmart kill this worthless company off already. /rant off…


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