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July 13, 2015 - rainprincess64

Old store fired GSTL, due to injured foot

So I went to visit my old co-workers to introduce them to my newborn son (since I was pregnant while working there), only to discover my favorite team lead was fired a month ago. Why? Because he called out a few times thanks to his injured foot! Target He had an injured foot for many months (I want to say since may be November). They threatened his job if he were to have gone in a wheelchair for whatever reason. Ironically the HR ETL was in one for 6 months because she had a high risk pregnancy in the past!


So because he was unable to be in a wheelchair he got a big cast over his foot. Fast forward to last month, his foot started to get so bad he eventually had to get surgery. 2 days before surgery he was fired for “too many call outs”.


Outrageous, Target will apparently fire good employees if they get a serious injury. They’re apparently not only unwilling to provide reasonable accommodation to injured employees (causing further damage) but will fire them when they can’t work since they refuse to properly accomodate their injury.


Word of advice: don’t work for target if you “plan” to get injured, get pregnant, etc. Not only will they not help you out, they will SCREW YOU OVER! They will try to say you called out too frequently or make up some pathetic excuse to let you go so they get out of paying up any sort of disability leave pay. Target refuses to keep GSTLs who refuse to let “guests” get their way 100% of the time and do their job right. Fuck you Tarshit, I hope you go south soon enough.


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  • viciousdave says:

    I had to get a brain tumor removed so I told my HR and other team members. Leave of absense for 5 months because it took a week until the surgery and than 5 months until staple like skin holders are removed. But I had to fill out like 10 different yes I will be out longer from work, again yes I will be out from work. But oh no Target only lets 3 weeks of leave at a time so I had to fill out so many forms again and again from Target leave and disabily team which is totally different place than Target. At least I got paid sick leave which is half pay of your regular hours while your gone. That was good that I got sick leave pay cause that's what the disabily team is for. But otherwise I came back and I have more fatigue than usual, so I have to call in more, I have anemia which is slow blood flow due to most of the tumor couldn't be taken out and is right at edge of brain next to skull. That causes slow blood flow. So target goes and just does ok well you call in way way too much, so 16 hour work weeks now, that's it. WTF? Hello, I am an adult, not a kid, I call in because I have health problems with energy efficiency. DUH. OMFG Target is a bitch.


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