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December 23, 2013 - targetreallysucks

Old Grudge

I want to disclose first of all, that what I describe below could have happened in any retail store, and happened a very very long time ago.  That said, it did happen at Target, therefor, as far as I’m concerned, Target sucks.


I was in high school, and was the go along, get along type, but was becoming the ‘fill in’ chump for the twenty somethings who wanted to go party instead of come in to work.  I never missed a shift of work – ever, excused or otherwise.


I was wise enough to know that my ‘team player’ attitude was being abused, and that I was always the first asked.  So one day, on a day off, when the head cashier (a real B—-) called me at home and asked that I immediatly drop what I was doing, and come in for an 8 hour shift, I politely declined.  I declined because I didnt want to do it, and that by doing it, I’d only be punished with more demands for the same.  She said in an evil voice ‘I’ll remember this’, and she sure did.  within about two weeks, I was called in to the office, she claimed that I failed to get signatures on two credit slips (which she flashed so fast I could barely see what was on them), and that I was fired.  She then demaded that I sign a statement to get my last check.  I thought ‘why take orders from someone who just told me she’s no longer my boss?  I signed nothing, said nothing, and politely left.  For months I got harrassing letters DEMANDING that I sign that statement, which I ignored, if they want to steal my pay in retailiation, then so be it as far as I was concerned.  They finally gave up and sent the check (easier than explaining it to the department of labor I guess, a TOTALLY illegal action I would assume).


But I’ve never forgotten it, and almost never shop there unless I’ve looked everywhere else first (and they usually wont have it either, becasue their store sucks for shoppers too).  They just had a massive data security breach, and I hope they get financial ruin for Christmas.  Happy hollidays, slimy store


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