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February 3, 2016 - VexxV


So my grandparent just died last week and i took two days to help clean and pack up their home and let my lod know, he proceeded to make a big deal about it, btw im part of logistics/flow team, saying its a reliability issue and basically told me to shrug it off. after dealing with that i didnt file an hr complaint i honestly should have. now this weak my car broke down and i need to take two days since i own no other car and i live a good distance away. i talked to the same boss and he said its going to be a write up and a corrrective action. Now ive been dealing with this death thing pretty well but my family isnt and ive got a lot of stress on me right now. so i went ahead and filed an hr complaint against my lod about his inability to understand some people have hardships that make them inable to come into work and then going on to threaten a write up. its beyond me. Also we’re this guys 6th store within 2 years.


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