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September 13, 2014 - Yourfriendlyneighborhooddouch

Oh, those goofy lazy ETLS, but I hate guests more

Etls are fascinating creatures, they pretend to zone when their not pretending to care what I’m doing. The flow team drive me crazy, they are the reason I hate morning shifts. The creatures of the backroom do not welcome the customer folk and avoid them and their questions. My own job area was cart attendant, and I didn’t know my shit from my oatmeal or where anything was in the store, but I got asked by guests more than sales floor members where shit was. I am just a cart person I don’t know those things, but I wander around looking for an item since I have no pda and when I ask over the walkie “I have a guest looking for rubber dildos, do we carry any?” and the sales floor think I’m just a clueless idiot. And I can’t count how many times people want me to adjust/lower the price. Christ I mean its from the dollar section and you need it 50% off Ugh and people eating the food and giving me the wrapper while they buy huge piles of food I mean your 100 pounds heavier than me why don’t you slow down! The women and their babies screeching at the checkout so loud the backroom could hear! Crazy coupon cunts holding up the line trying to pay no money for any of it, I mean there is a difference between saving/smart shopping and just scamming us. I could never clean the damned women’s bathroom because I’m a dude, and after the half hour of waiting there is a disaster of crap everywhere. Baby diapers in the carts! Jesus! that pisses me off, its human excrement! did they change the baby in the cart?! Allright left fast food in the cart, ok thats frustrating but when I see a diaper its like christ jesus I’m pretty lazy but you’re leaving human poop for me to throw away come on!!




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