Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 2, 2012 - TargetSucks


“Hate” is such a strong word but lots of bulls eye people(current and past team members) truly hate Target from the cart attendant who has to clean up that guest’s shit and piss in the rest room before he can find time to wipe his own ass to the cashier who puts up with these ignorant lying disrespectful  customers to the sales floor team member who is sometimes robbed of his breaks because he is the only one in Hardlines. “Can I help you find something?” Bitch please. Give it a rest already. I need my fucking  break! If you think slavery is abolished think again!! Think TARGET!!! Working at some of our local area Targets is like working in the cane fields in Africa. You see, the heating and cooling systems are horrendous–well fuck it no cooling really the stores are just plain HOT! ALL YEAR ROUND! Worst yet for the cart attendants who has to face the heat outside and then inside the store at summer time Team members and guests alike are bitching and complaining! And the stl and etl’s do not give a fuck because they are usually offstage or in their offices where it is cool in the building  unless the dtl or some body of some importance is coming to visit the store. We sweat, we bitch, we complain and still no resolve. And here comes “Massa” with his his RED CARD WHIP(his tongue) lashing us time and time again about red cards. We need at least 5 read cards from each cashier today. Oh the constant reminder–GET RED CARDS GET RED CARDS GET RED CARDS! And then “Massa” pulls us  in the office with some dick-tating- report(dtk) and scold us one by one because we do not get enuff red cards. WE ARE CERTAIN TO BE TOLD THAT RED CARDS IS PART OF OUR CORE ROLES and oh yes some of us feel threatened when reminded that review time is coming up and how our red card performance can significantly impact our already low outrageous raises! Every time we come to work the red card shackles are mentally placed on our feet and locked around our necks and when we leave, those of us who are trying so hard and struggling with red cards have red card ankle bracelets locked on(mentally). OH THE STRESS! The team members who actually work and do quality work are not the ones who are recognized it is ones who pretend that they are working, the ones who ones who gossip and snitch to “Massa” are the ones who gain favor. Target stores do not abide by their BUSINESS CONDUCT GUIDE. THEIR ORIENTATIONS ARE A COMPLETE JOKE as new hires are left alone to watch videos as they giggle with chat. ENTHUSIASM HAS LONG BEEN LOST FOR THIS COMPANY. Employee turnover is highest now more than ever! When Stl’s and etl’s and team leads quit, resign, walk out, THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING! When that store(google it) was about to be unionized THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING! At store level, some of these STL’s are overpaid! Seriously! Who monitors the attendance of the executive staff anyways? I would love to know! They miss work, leave early, cover and lie for each other and I doubt that the dtl has the slightest clue. So many of these promising business college students are sent to some of our stores only to be discouraged and end up quitting. Some of these managers who were in training in our district  for the Canadian stores are simply not ready. TARGET NEEDS TO WISE UP! MORALE IN THE STORES ARE BAD. UPPER MANAGEMENT IS BAD. STOP THE RETALIATION! STOP THE MADNESS! FIX YOUR STORES! HIRE TALENTED AND QUALITY PEOPLE! SUPPORT YOUR TEAM MEMBERS! MANAGE TALENT! LISTEN TO YOUR TEAM MEMBERS! STOP SHOWING FAVORITISM! BE FAIR! GIVE RAISES DESERVED! I have learnt my lesson well. It has been said many times. After working many years at Target, you will become the TARGET one day. For whatever reason. For whatever lie. For whatever scheme they they can build up. BUT THEY WILL BE FUCKED! I was raised Christian. I was educated in Catholic institutions. I have already gotten down off the wooden cross. Being a red and Khaki team member has taught me one thing in particular: BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW! KARMA IS A BITCH! THE DEVIL IS A BITCH! Well that’s three things. SMH! OH TARGET!Now I have got to get to Eddie Long’s Church!


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