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January 18, 2015 - ihavenoclue

Oh Target…

So I started working for target in July 2014. So it’s been about 6 months? Or 5? I don’t know and I don’t care.

You know, I went through this stage where when I first started as a cashier, I loved it. I thought “man, maybe I can move up and stay here for a bit.” Then the next stage was me being depressed  because I’ve given up a lot of things because of working here. Then when I was trained in Guest Services I again thought it wasnt so bad. And I accepted that it’s life. Now, I’m in the stage where I hate work and I’d rather hang by my toes rather than go into target. And I’ve been feeling this way for the longest. I’m thinking of quitting but I have bills to pay and I kinda live in buttfuck nowhere. So it’s hard. I’m trying to make it to a year. But that shit is hard. You know, it really isn’t about the “guests” that piss me off because I could really care less about them if they’re assholes. My concern is the  fact that management sucks. lODs are ridiculously full of themselves and my store manager is an asshole as well. I’m just not sure what to do. I’m just looking for some people that understand.


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  • Silverfox says:

    find another job while still employed. besides which if you are in tarshit canada you won't have a job soon anyways. target is running away from canada

  • rainprincess64 says:

    I'm also looking for another job while still employed at Target. It sucks because I'm pregnant and due mid-May. At this point, it's a lot harder for me to get another job because of how far along in my pregnancy I am. As many positive stories of women in worse situations that are out there, realistically speaking my chances of landing a new job before I deliver are slimmer than it is for others (unless the interviewers seriously don't care or notice there's a bump lol). I had a job interview about a week ago and am finding out within the week if I get another interview or not. I'm not going to bet on things working out as no one should with jobs requiring multiple interviews, although there is light at the end of the tunnel (I think ha ha). Last time I was at the hospital I sometimes volunteer at, the supervisor of the department I work in told me I should look for a clinical lab assistant job posting, which should be approved in a month or two. Truth behold, the position appears to have been finally approved about 3 days ago and of course applied earlier tonight. I'm going in tomorrow, so hopefully they mention something about the job position being approved or whatever. I haven’t been in there for multiple reasons, including this POS Tarshit job having absurd hours and putting physical strain on me.

    Anyways, I do hope you find something so you can get out of Tarshit. If you can't find a paying job position right away, try to find a volunteer position in a field you're at least somewhat interested in working. That way you can network with other people and if they like your work ethic and such a lot, volunteer positions CAN definitely turn into paid positions or at the very least become very valuable work experience. If you can, go to an agency that is willing to do mock interviews, help you spruce up your resume, etc. should you need that kind of assistance. There is hope for you out there; you just need to know where to look.


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