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November 9, 2014 - gofucktarget

Oh Good God

so im a cart attendant at a target. what pisses me off is that i’m 4 months in, and i am the main cart attendant. im doing 30+ hours because the other guy can only work 22 hrs a week. not that i’m pissed about it, but when the GSTL hires a cart attendant, it’s expected for him to screw up once in a while. Right? WRONG DEAD WRONG! they asked me to stay until midnight to help him out, then bitched him out because he couldn’t get it done. ON THE FIRST DAY! on top of that, i call 239 (cash office) to the ETL, most would respond. 2 of the ETL’s won’t respond to me. a good 15 minutes proved that because the GSTL was busy calling for backup, (which never came) nothing. finally the GSTL calls out “LOD 239” and the LOD responds in 15 seconds. the GSTL is looking at the LOD and then at me and asked her (with a lot of balls i might add) if she heard me call out 239. “I did, but i ignored it” (apparently a lot more balls were needed to not punch her in her stupid face). The security guard told her that a prompt was made and there is a certain timeframe that needs to be maintained for security. another day, Both of the ETL’s were working the closing shift, i ask an ETL to empty the trash, because they are the only ones who can do that. “GSTL, can you see what the cart attendant wants?” “CART ATTENDANT GO TO A DIFFERENT CHANNEL.” “GOING TO 4” “ON 4” “WHAT IS IT THAT YOU NEED” “TRASH EMPTIED” “LOD CAN YOU GO TO 4?” “GOING TO 4” “ON 4” “CAN YOU EMPTY THE TRASH” “BE THERE IN A FEW MINUTES” since im closing again, i have to make sure that the lot is clear of carts. 5 minutes before i’m supposed to be done, “GSTL How’s the lot looking?” “I shall direct that to the Cart Attendant.” me: “It’s clear, just a few carts.” apparently that wasn’t good enough. “Cart Attendant can you go to 3?” “Going to 3” “on 3” “We need to have the entire lot cleared by the time you leave, we cannot keep having this issue where we have to go out and push carts when that isn’t our job. ” “ok, i have 2 carts out there, is that good enough?” “GOOD ENOUGH?! WHAT WAS I JUST SAYING TO YOU?!” meanwhile a GSTL came out to look at the lot, shook her head and said “ETL, It’s one thing if he has a lot of carts out here, it’s another when i can count the number of carts on one hand. he is on his way to grab the last 2.” “He better have the lot cleared come midnight” “he is only scheduled to 11:30, you can’t require him to have the lot cleared come midnight if he is scheduled to midnight unless you want to keep him here.” “no, clock him out then have him stay until midnight.” “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am not going to have him work off the clock just to keep payroll at bay, either keep him here for the extra half hour or don’t.” “if he wants a job come tomorrow, he will clock out and have the lot cleared by midnight.” by that time i was standing next to my GSTL and he and i were both furious. we went to where he was and brought the one ETL that would actually still talk to me and confronted him. he eventually was fired by the DTL but on a separate issue. im surprised i still work there.


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  • Silverfox says:

    lol I guess your big boss had enough of him too

  • littleavery1948 says:

    Luckily, my leadership team will not make us work off the clock. I have had to fire a supervisor for forcing an employee to work one hour off the clock (he coerced him). I work in management for another company; in no way is this tolerated. For am ETL to even TELL him to work off the clock is grounds for automatic termination. This sounds like terrible leadership that has an issue with abusing authority. The micro-management by some is a waste a time, and is a decrease in morale.


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