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May 24, 2017 - Cignotive

And now for a tale of frustrating hilarity

I was recently fired from bad ol’ Tarjay, so I think its about time I share with this site a tale of hilarity and frustration that truly shows the failures of the company itself.

First off, I worked in Food Ave. Pizza Hut area, to be specific. So I came in on Sunday, as scheduled, and the first thing I noticed? The hotbox was off. Well, I was doing a midshift, so there was no reason that there shouldn’t be any pizzas out yet. So I ask my co-worker and what does she tell me? Pizza Hut is out of PIZZA. You read that right, kids, the place with Pizza in the name was not serving pizza that day. And it also wasn’t serving breadsticks. And no one had made any pasta either. And, hey, while we’re at it, we’re out of pretzels. Well, this was all somewhat humorous to me, and me and my co-worker just kinda bumbled around the whole day serving hot dogs and pretzel sandwiches.I came in for my next shift, on Tuesday. We were still out of all of that stuff. To compound matters, we were starting to run out of the shit we DID have. The cups were running low and we were running out pretzel sandwiches and grilled cheese.

Cut to Friday–everything was gone.

Pizza Hut was now only serving hot dogs, popcorn, that Jamba Juice shit that no one ever ordered, and small sized sodas. Our entire menu was gone. I worked an eight hour shift where literally there was nothing to do, having to explain to each and every customer that ‘no, sorry, we don’t have like 70% of the menu’. We were basically running a restaurant that no one was buying anything from, feeling awkward, and getting the death looks from other employees who felt we shouldn’t be there. I mean, fuck, I sure as hell agreed with them.


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  • Silverfox says:

    ah tarshit pulling off the same thing that led to them declaring bankruptcy and failing miserably in Canada.

  • poohbear80 says:

    Were you fired because you had no supply through no fault of your own? If so I would call the employee line and report the store.


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