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August 18, 2017 - hardlines11

Not Allowed to Go on Break

As Cart Attendant, one of my responsibilities is to do carry-outs. So if a Guest is too weak to lift something, or if the item is large/heavy and is brought up to the checkout lanes on a flatbed, it is my duty to assist the Guest in getting the items in his/her car. Ok. No problem. But you mean to tell me… in a store filled with 50+ team members, including strong men working in Hardlines/Backroom lifting heavy boxes all day long and stocking shelves… the Cart Attendant is the only person qualified to lift a mini-fridge into someone’s car? See, most Team Members don’t realize that the Cart Attendant’s job is to go out into the ends of the parking lot and collect carts. CA’s also use a Cart Machine: a remote-operated machine that can be used to transport 25 carts at a time. A large train of carts cannot simply be left in the parking lot unattended – it would block Guests. But all too many times, I’ve been called in for a carry out, and I’ve given a response along the lines of

“I’m on my 15 right now, is any other team member able to assist?”


“I’m currently in the parking lot grabbing carts, I’ll be over as soon as I get inside.”


“I’m currently in the middle of a carry-out, I’ll come over as soon as this one’s done.”


And no matter what response I give, apparently I’m the only person capable of lifting a box into a car. Basically, my breaks are not respected. If I am called for a carry out during my 15, the GSTL’s and Hardlines TM’s don’t respect my break and refuse to take any items outside. Bullshit.


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  • poohbear80 says:

    If the store was busy when I was a cashier I wasn't allowed to go on my 15 minute break and even though I thought it was bs I somewhat understood. However if you are already on your break you shouldn't have to leave to help customers especially when there are other able bodies to do so. At my store they had stock people help with carry outs if the cart attendant was busy. just turn off your walkie talkie during your your break and take your break outside.

  • vrqta says:

    Well, that’s just awful! At my store you’re allowed to just turn your walkie off when you’re on break. If you announce that you’re going on break on the walkie, you can turn it off as soon as you enter the breakroom. That’s what I do, and if someone’s walkie keeps going off while they’re on the breakroom I ask them to turn it down/off. If you’re called for a carry out and you’re unable to go right away add an “is anyone else able to help out with that?” Or “Can someone in hardlines help out with that?” If the problem persists, you can call the hotline.


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