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May 12, 2015 - mrsirsir

no call no show

So check this out. I’ve had to come back to target full time since my auto job fired me. So I’ve been covering a lot of shifts for my coworker since he’s been really burnt out. So it’s Monday a day off for me and I’m chilling at home playing Xbox when a friend of mine in early mornings asks why I’m not here yet? That everyone’s been looking for me. I’m not sure why since it’s an offday. Apparently everyone thinks I’m suppose to be covering for my same coworker. And I tell him I didn’t fill out a swap shift so I am not suppose to come in.

Then my boss calls in and informs me that I got written down as a no call no show. I was lost it I’m always nice to my boss but I feel so bad now about boss isn’t the mean boss type targets known for he’s cool but I was yelling and cussing at him to sort this shit put now before I go up and get myself fired. So he goes in to work and proves that I didn’t sign anything to take the shift and my no call no show was removed. But still on a whim your gonna write me down as no call no show.

My boss calls me back tells me the mix up and says I’m clear of everything. But holy hell I have never been so pissed of in my life. Anyway my friend can’t call in his phone is disable so he usually called in with the home phone or his parents phone but he was alone at home and nothing was available.

I’ve had bad experiences but my worse had to be when I was not even in the store… fuck man


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