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March 28, 2015 - mouthymerc

No Call No Show, and right before reviews. Yay me.

So I recently No Called No Showed, and while I do take most of the blame for not printing my schedule out as I normally do (I don’t trust my management not to change my shit without notifying me), I also blame that shitty View My Schedule online. It said “OFF” for the day in which I committed the crime and so I didn’t go in. Come to find out, I did work and the paper schedule reflected that. Fine. That’s cool. But since when did the LODs┬ástop calling you to make sure whether or not you’re coming in? I know it’s my responsibility to show up on time, but I was kinda shocked no one called.

Whatever. That’s not what’s important here.

What I want to know, being that this is my first time on any sort of Corrective Action, am I allowed to call-off? I mean, the LOD that spoke to me only said don’t have another No Call No Show or else it could lead to termination or final warning and I’m on the punishment for a month.


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  • rainprincess64 says:

    I swear they change the schedules without notifying anyone. One girl who worked at my former employer said that she wrote down her schedule for one day as being 12-4 or something. Apparently it was for 10-4 or something weird like that. She was put on probation for 6 months and given a final warning (was also told to go home). After that she just put in her 2 weeks notice.

    I've also noticed they'd change a lot of ppls schedules start and end times by 30 min quite frequently. No wonder ppl end up late and such ALL the time at this shitty place.

  • NotTellingYou says:

    In our store, the schedule changes regularly. TMs need to check every day. And, we don't call if you don't show up. You are supposed to know your schedule. But, if the schedule can change daily, how are you supposed to know when to work? It's insane.

  • DTandMeAlways313 says:

    They change ours too without telling anyone. And the LODs at our store don't call. Never have in the 20 months I've been at the store

  • keepthevibealive says:

    They ask us before they make a change..... but sometimes won't call for missing a day. Apparently it's a hidden rule


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