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March 11, 2020 - smokedbore

never become a team lead

hi guys. i just walked out on my store director and my executive of hr 1 week ago. i got to say if you are ever approached about being a lead in that place just FUCKING SAY NO. i think its probably the worst professional decisiom of my life.  i do not recommend it. first off the pay increase is dog shit. they force you to have open availability but refuse to give you overtime 99% of the year. and you’ll have every executive in there questioning everything you do even if you have more retail experience than them.

heres a little backstory on me. i have 8-9 years experience in retail. 6.5-7 of them in management. before i got to target i had more than 5 years experience as a store manager for a dying electronics retailer. i stuck out 2 chapter 11 bankruptcys with them and shut down 4 stores. that was less stressful than working as a team lead for target btw.

the amount of stress put on team leads by the executives is borderline inhumane. i was doing okay at target got a promotion became a lead for another department was going to attack the business and get it operationally sound and drive metrics. well first thing i got about 3 days of training in a low volume store. my store was a high volume store. i spent these 3 days at a register that i already knew how to operate and didnt learn jack shit. 2-3 weeks in they move my partner (the other team lead in my department) so im green as grass amd then like a month later they push out my boss so im all alone. got no clue as to how anything is supposed to work and then get held accountable for it… im like youre fucking kidding me right? you took the two learning resources i had anf fed me to the wolves.

fast forward about 3-4 months of strugglimg to even learn i finally get a new executive and shes experienced. really knows her shit. so i try to learn as much as i can from her in the little time i do get to spend with her. we worked opposite schedule rotations so i didnt get to work with her as much. things start turning the corner and we are both successful and really cranking out numbers.

i get a partner finally a few months aftet that and im like HALLELUJAH!! this is actually going to work out. well turns out he was a douchebag and was stealing and they snubbed my eventual partner who is still there for that jackass 21 year old thief. things go well for awhile and then all of a sudden it gets busier no surprise there. i have some personal things going on at the same time and they made me an LOD. i have keys im in charge of the whole building some times. then i come to management i say this is a bit much. ive got some stuff going on medically and personally. i need to switch to a different department or step down and take a lighter role. i get that means less money but whatever the increase wasnt that much. they flat out tell me NO. you havent made performance expectations in 3 months so you cant move or step down.

who the fuck is going to step down when everything is peachy? and then why the fuck you giving me keys if i suck so much and make me an LOD. i told them im putting in my 2 weeks. 3 days later they ask me when ill be putting that notice in. i said fuck this ill leave right now handed in my shit and walked out the front door after getting my things from my desk and saying a few goodbyes.

its been a week and im already in a much better place had an interview today and told the gm what i did for target and what they paid me how i was treated and her jaw nearly hit her fucking desk. lol  point is you’re expendable working for a corporation like target. if you work there trust me i get it. that struggle sucks. but you’re better than target. leave. it takes bravery to stand up for yourself and say fuck you i can make it without you guys. this isnt a team its a business. quit calling it that.

i dont think I’ll even shop there the experience being employed there is so bad. theyre all broken from what my research has shown me. when they changed the operating model a couple years back it fucked everything up. yeah sales are up but that money is being made off your blood sweat and tears and they dont pay shit to team leads. the stress and quality of life aint worth it.  okay rant over


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  • Ex_Bullseye_Slave says:

    I regretted taking a lead role. I was doing so well before that then they question the hell out of you and you end up losing your self esteem. I’ve been gone two years and I don’t miss it at all.

  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Never become a team lead more like never work at Tarshit ever!!!!

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Never speak poorly about a previous employer at an interview, it makes you look bad not them. I highly recommend you google the topic. Target's entire manager system is filled with ignorance and low intelligence. Based off your writing skills you fit the ideal traits of a Target manager, thus the cycle continues. Another huge problem with Target's management system is the fact that it values numbers over actual leadership and skill, you fit there nicely as well. NUMBERS! NUMBERS! NUMBERS!


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