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August 21, 2013 - TargetGrunt

National Day of Strike – August 29th

Hey everyone,

You might have seen me in the comments, but this is my first actual post on this site.

I figured I’d spread the word that there is a nationwide strike being planned for August 29th¬†consisting of fast food workers and other low wage workers. If you’re sick of Target and aren’t planning on sticking around – or if you work another job or have friends/family working in similar conditions – now’s the chance to let your feelings be known. Keep in mind that the applicant pools are huge and Target or <insert company here> probably won’t hesitate to fire you for striking, but we’ve got to take a stand at some point and fight for living wages. We employees are just as much the lifeblood of the company as consumers and we deserve more for our hard work. Just make sure you have large enough groups to halt productivity for the duration of the strike, or else the effect will be minimal; we’ve got to hit the bottom-line for it to work.

More information can be found here:

Take care and best of luck to those who participate.

A fellow Target wageslave


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    100% guaranteed you'll also be at the unemployment office shortly after. Do it if your serious, because right to work = right to fire, so make sure if you're going to do it go at it 100%.

  • yeahright says:

    ^Exactly. These companies know that there are many people desperate for work, so only consider joining if you're willing to take the risk.

    If you have any hesitation, consult with those closest to you and come to a decision afterwards. Additionally, if you can't convince those you work with to join you, don't do it; it will only work with a sizable group.

    And no one will blame you for opting out. It's a big decision and I personally would not begrudge anyone for choosing not to strike.


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