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March 16, 2018 - thatoneredhead

My work experience with target.

So I started working at target in August of 2015. Well I was pregnant with my son and they had me doing freight. I was having to unload the truck lift all the boxes and everything. I talked to the store director and seen if I could change to cashier. Well she let me. So everything was going good. Before I had my son they had me doing $ spot all day. So I go on maternity leave and I get back and they still have me doing $ spot. So I’m doing that and around August of 2016 they had me coming in when  freight would come in and stock $ spot and do the go backs. So In november I Was showing up late  a good amount or call in for family issues but yet I got all of my stuff done and they sat down and talked to me and said I need to start coming in on time and not calling out. So I was going to do that. Well at that time I just found out I was Pregnant. So I go home and everything. That night I started bleeding and called the doctors office and told them and they told me to come in the next morning for blood tests and to rest. Well I worked the next morning. So I called that night and told the lod what was happening and he was okay with it. So I ended up having a miscarage and I go in the next time I work and they pull me into an office and wrote me up for calling in even though I had a doctors note. That’s also the second time they wouldn’t accept a doctors note from me. But so after that I showed up on time every day not calling out or anything. Well I got pregnant again in January of 2017. I didn’t want to tell anyone because of my miscarage and so I was keeping it a secret. I was still doing $ spot wanting to change positions but no one would let me. But I would work and get sick or just feel really tired and it took me longer to do my job. Called out maybe 3 times because of it. So in February I decided to talk to the lod that was over me and tell her that I can’t do the early mornings and told her I was pregnant and by that time I was 10 weeks. So she said she would work with me and get me back to days. Well the next day the schedule comes out and I wasn’t on it. I was like okay maybe she was writing me one. I didn’t see her that whole day. So then the next day I come in and she was off that weekend a different lod said. So I do my work and I was almost off and the hr comes up to me and said after I finish and before I leave if I could go find her. So I finish up take the back stock to the back and find her. She fired me. Said I called in too much and I was warned multiple times. Mind you I only had one warning written notice not late since November only called in because I was sick cause of being pregnant. And I told her that and she didn’t give a shit. So they made me work my whole shift to fire me after it. I was pissed. Why does one lod that I talked to that said she would help me and then I get fired.

Im now happy though that I’m away from there. Didn’t end up working til after I had my daughter and have an amazing job somewhere else that isn’t way more put together then target. I haven’t even walked into a target since.


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  • bigrog44 says:

    Sorry to read that. The Target management can be assholes sometimes. There is no communication between the management. When you do something positive they don't say anything about it. I'll be damned if I call out if I feel really sick where I can't come in. I was out of work for 3 months. My first day back they gave me a corrective action from what happened 4 months ago. I was in pain 4 months ago. They said if I get one more corrective action, then they'll terminate me. The sore on m,y foot came back and I just decided to say bye Felicia. I turned in my badge and my discount card before my notice was up. I knew they would take me into the office again. I just go in there for a phone card if I'm out that way.


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