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October 15, 2014 - mrsirsir

My rough month

So I’m backroom. I was closing and I close on the day with the largest price changes. So my lunch comes around I call my team member telling him im going to lunch. I return and the Lod says “if you finish early tonight can you pull the cartwells ( or whatever there called) I agree but I had no time to since there was a lot of backstock and I had to make two bales.  Thursday comes around my etl calls me to her location and she’s asking ” why didn’t you pull the cartwells ” I’m confused I tell her I didn’t have time and she’s like “the LOD told you to do it and you didn’t. He didn’t tell me he asked me if I had a chance implying it was not priority. She says “he told me he did tell you to do it” holy hell the LOD fucking lied to her and now she’s mad at me what the hell. Every etl walked up to me that day asking me why I didn’t do it. Luckily my TL stood up for me. He said to the ETLs “he was not told in a priority type manner and on top of that he was told with two hours left in his shift no way he would’ve got it done” He also told me every ETL wanted me written up but he refused to do it. He said “if they want you written up they will have to do it but there to much of a bitch to do it so you’ll be ok”. Yeah rough fucking month it was.


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