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July 6, 2017 - poprocks2017

My LOD creeps me out

I work in grocery but I sometimes help close the meat department. the team lead over the meat department sometimes fills in for LOD too.  Being in the meat department, he makes inappropriate jokes about “playing with his meat” and “he wants me to handle his meat”.  I’m 18 and he’s in his thirties.  I just figured he joked like that with everyone but now he messages me on my private Facebook account and tells me that when he gives me a weekend or a day off “I owe him one”, tells me that I didn’t say goodbye to him, things like that. He also asked me if I was “tryna get fucked” on a message.  He recently has started jump-scaring me, which usually is fine and funny but his hands linger where they shouldn’t.  The other day after scaring me he just grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back and held on for like 3 seconds with no explanation.  He’s also hugged me multiple times after he makes a joke about me.     I’m starting to get kinda freaked out, but i’m too scared to say anything because everyone likes him a lot, and i like everything else about the job usually.   Not sure if it’s worth it to do anything or report to HR because it would be a mess but it’s just getting really scary.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Do NOT tolerate sexual harassment. Not ever. File a complaint with HR and the police to let them know he's stalking you outside of work in addition to the sexual harassment.

    • poprocks2017 says:

      I want to but he has a family and I feel like it would just ruin him and his reputation and it might jeopardize my friendships at work because they are all friends with him too.

      • TargetSucks says:

        Your defense for him sexually harassing you is that he has a family? If he's harassing you, he's also probably harassing other women too. And if anybody takes him up on his reprehensible behavior, how would that affect his family? Have some self-respect and get over all the bullshit reasons that make you hesitate. In the end, Tarshit will fuck you over. The only question is your quality of life between now and then. File a complaint with HR, and start looking for a job in a better environment. Get a fucking lawyer if you have to.

  • rhofheinz says:

    Target managers are the worst people in retail, maybe even worse than Walmart. My warehouse OM was a conete douche who wanted to increase production while disregarding employee safety. Employees were encouraged to throw boxes and load damaged goods for delivery to stores


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