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April 30, 2014 - fucktarget

My favorite thing about working at Target was…..

Absolutely nothing!!! Although, our favorite game to play was to see how much meaningless recognition we could give to prolong huddles. Sometimes, on a Friday, we could get a 30 minute huddle going. All by giving pointless recognition!


I would like to recognize everyone for showing up to work today.

I would like to recognize (insert name) for working a basket of go-backs this morning.

I would like to recognize whoever for responding to fast service!

ha! Try it and see how much time you can kill.




  • TargetGrunt says:

    I still remember one day when my ETL praised flow for "pushing to the piece" and for there being "no challenged product" despite the fact that he himself told backroom not to challenge anything.

    He didn't understand why we were laughing, either.

  • anniewhite says:

    ETLs are clueless, what they need is to have them work their way up, start out as a Team Member at one store, a cashier at another, then to back room at least a month on each position before they can become ETL and be assigned somewhere.

  • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

    Fucking funny, love it! I would do this if I hadn't quit the other day. Stupid ass, fake ass huddles...

  • killiankatherine says:

    I absolutely love making those fucking pointless huddles waste time. Sometimes they just stand there and drone on and on about shit no one cares about.


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