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September 10, 2018 - PissedOffTM

My coworker

I was working service desk 4-6tonight and at some point when the GSA was back there I asked her to get me $20s and $10s I hadn’t gotten a chance to request yet. She did so and as soon as I was done with the transaction I requested it, added it to my drawer and told the computer add money. Pretty standard. 10pm rolls around and the GSA goes ” hey, what happened to the money I gave you earlier?” I told her I put it in the drawer and requested it. ” So what happened to it?The draw is out of $10s and $20s”  in a fairly accusatory tone. I repeated the explanation adding that it’s RETURNS! YOU TAKE MONEY OUT OF THE DRAWER! More politely of course, but she couldn’t comprehend that in 4 hours we could have had a return that went through $150 and someone hadn’t gotten around to requesting more money? Pisses me off, because the way she said it was like I had stolen the money. (Also, there had been 3 or 4 other people back in service desk during that time period, one of which is notorious for leaving drawers depleted). The gsa didn’t believe me and was swearing the drawer was short and decided to just grab money from the cash box and add it without requesting it. Another much more experienced co-worker and I both tried to convince her not to do that. But she didn’t listen and now something is going to be off $150. I mean, they have cameras, so it’s not like it’s her word against mine. But the whole thing is irritating


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  • Silverfox says:

    People paid for their shit with 100 dollar bills buying under 20 dollars worth of shit? Runs out fast if you have bunch of people in a row who are only buying a couple dollars worth of shit and paying with a hundred dollar bill. Oh and couple of people requesting cashback. Happened to me once. Ran out of tens and twenties. Requested a refill. Cash office comes with refill. I Went on break. Co worker takes over. I come back. Co worker had to request another refill while I was gone. All in the span of 15 minutes. Tell her to go back to math class. Seriously if you have a bunch of jerks in a row buying a small amount of items and paying with a big bill it's obvious you're going to run out. I had to revert to giving change in coins. I was literally that out.


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