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August 18, 2015 - dayvancowboy

most unethical place

finding this site is a huge relief. im so glad im not the only person who suffered working this shit excuse for a job. heres my story (prepare yourself, its a long one):

i needed a second job because my primary job is a department store and we were in the middle of a dead season where business is at its scarcest, so i wasnt getting sufficient hours. i knew this was only temporary until the holidays start to roll around, so i decided to pick up a second job to make up for the hours i wasnt getting at my primary for the time being.

i applied a few places, but target was the only one that called me. they actually gave me a surprise phone interview when they called about my application, which was weird to me. we scheduled a day to do my physical interview for the following day. i go in and end up interviewing 3 different people for a job that requires me to unload boxes and stock the floor. i felt like they were taking themselves and the job in question way too seriously. during the interview, they also mentioned how monday’s trucks were crucial and absolutely needed to be done no matter what. if you were scheduled to work a monday truck, you came in no matter what. if you were sick or had a family emergency or something, you come in anyway. theyll permit you to leave early, but calling-in is cause to get fired. that seemed really questionable to me and made me nervous about what i was getting myself into. im given the job and my orientation is scheduled for that week.

i get a call from target while im working at my primary job, but im unable to answer or return it until im done with my shift, which i assumed theyd understand. a manager had left me a voice message saying she needed to talk to me about my orientation and to call her back. so i did, but only to find out she had left for the day, so i leave her a message explaining why i didnt answer or respond right away and to call me and left my number and waited to hear back. she never responded. orientation approaches and i go in. that same manager was not in the spot we agreed to meet in when i had my interview, so i have someone get her. she comes up to me, looks at me like im fucking stupid, and tells me im not supposed to be here and that she tried to call me to tell me orientation was rescheduled for another time. i tell her i tried to get ahold of her but never got a response, she acts like im crazy. im annoyed about it, but i go on my way and wait until the day for orientation.

orientation was whatever, for the most part. me and the other newhires did register training that same day, but only for 30 minutes with little to no help from the trainer. the trainer just threw us on the practice registers, gave us a brief rundown on how it works, made us practice a couple of times, then sign a sheet that said we had completed training. i had grown increasingly worried about how this job was going to pan out for me.

i finally start working. im assigned to train with someone who speaks very broken english. im basically left to figure out the job myself. i only had 2 days of “training” with this person before they had me sign a sheet saying ive completed my training. i was still left in the dark about most of how to do my job, which i let them know, but they assured me itd be fine.

fast forward a couple of weeks. i have to have emergency surgery that week. i let them know and tell them that i know im already scheduled for so-and-so days post-op, but that id need to take those days off in order to recuperate. they say no problem. the day of surgery approaches and i noticed they never took me off the schedule for the days i told them i absolutely cannot work. im pissed about it so i called to re-explain my situation and to let them know im not coming in for those days, scheduled or not because i fucking cant. they pretend i never said anything about it and say fine, but one of those days is a monday and that they need me to try to AT LEAST try to be there, so im like fine, what-the-fuck-ever.

i go in for that monday post-op and im on all kinds of pain killers and visibly swollen. i worked for like 30 minutes before i started hurting and feeling sick. i run to the bathroom as im on the verge of barfing and i bump into a manager on my way to the bathroom and he says, “I GUESS if youre really not feeling that well we can send you home” so i leave, pissed that i had to come in the first place and annoyed that they had sent me home like that.

since i was there before opening hours most days, management would take it upon themselves to literally /scream/ at us if the job wasnt being done to their liking. i often got yelled at for sitting on the floor while i restocked something low to the ground despite me telling them i have scoliosis and literally CANT bend or crouch that far down for that long of a period of time without being in copious amounts of pain, they say its not their problem. my team was lazy and often stood around just talking, so id feel obligated to pick up on their slack, and since im only one person, we often fell behind on our tasks everyday. i kept getting “coachings” for it despite me CONSTANTLY telling them its not really my fault and letting them know about the others never doing the work at all. they continued to tell me im not an efficient worker, which is a load of bullshit. i was also yelled at constantly for not knowing how to do certain tasks or work certain areas i was never trained to do. i was even told im not much of team player for it even though i had always told them, “look, i dont know how to do this but im willing to if you show me”

how is that not being a team player?? honestly. they also badgered me every single day to sign up for the fucking redcard. i didnt want it!!! i told them i didnt want the card! they told me it was a mandatory part of working there but i was not about to give into that bullshit.

eventually i got so sick of being there i decided to put in a two week notice. i had become so anxiety-stricken from working there i couldnt even find it in me to go in for my remaining two weeks, so i just completely stopped showing up. i dont even feel bad about it. i knew target wasnt a great place to work but i had no idea they were that unethical. such fucking garbage. fuck you, target.


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