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September 24, 2018 - kartman87

Morning Cart Attendant

Have any other stores eliminated the morning cart attendant? My store has slowly chipped away and pushed the closing attendant to be the only scheduled usually starting at 3. So until I clock in, the restrooms are untouched, the garbage just piles up, the lot becomes a mess, and the PMT leaves before I even walk in. So as soon as I start, I load carts as quickly as I can, empty the trash if it’s filled to the top, and get into the restrooms and clean them up (if possible). With the PMT I prefer to have some crossover since I tend to notice a lot more maintenance discrepancies, and would like to ensure thay are as far along as we can be. It’s exhausting playing catch-up nonstop until my break and then meal. Do any other attendants have this issue?


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  • Redcardsuck says:

    Are you serious? No morning Cart Attendant? No our store hasnt done that. I don't think it makes any sense because you will run out of carts. The bathrooms will be disgusting and they are technically supposed to be checked hourly. There are maintenance type things that you can't get to in the afternoon because it's too busy. Filling spill stations, filling baskets, filling cart wipes, hangers, etc. Not a smart move but I can't say I'm surprised, it'll probably become the new way of doing things at all stores.

  • poohbear80 says:

    Soon enough there will be so few employees working and each one doing the job of three people that the only ones who will apply to work at target will be those who are absolutely desperate for a job, and even if they are a good worker the store and customers will still suffer due to it being impossible to maintain order day after day with a ton of fast paced workload like that on one or two people. This situation also goes for other stores that have cut down staff to bare bones.


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