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December 10, 2016 - PissedOffTargetTech

My Month In Target, until the Devil Master (DM) wanted to play power trip.

I began working for Target end of October. I took a position through Marketsource and was a new Mobile Team Member for the Target Mobile (now Tech) section.
Training sucked but I got through the online courses and honestly loved the job.

I am a salesperson at heart, so doing cell phones was easy for me. I became friends with everyone in the electronics/toys/even some other area of the store very quickly. I’m an easy-going guy.


Fast forward to the week before Black Friday. That Sunday we did the 10% off all electronics, plus special prices on some nice TV’s. Phone sales weren’t popping so I would sell a TV here and there. When I called for a cart attendant, nobody would come. One guest waited about 20 mins, and still nothing. SO, me being the awesome team player that I am, began to cart the TV’s out my damn self.

Eleven 40+ inch TV’s later, I get stopped asking where my name-tag was by the GSTL. I told her that it must be in my bag or my pocket, but I’ve been running TV’s since her employees didn’t feel like doing their job today. She reiterated that I needed a name tag, and I told her, verbatim, “I’ll put my nametag on but when I call for a cart attendant y’all better fucking send one”.

She looked astonished, but no issues from there. Our registers go down in electronics, so I bring guests to the check lanes to ring them up. Same GSTL is by the checklanes and is making remarks to me like I’m new to this. My final guest leaves and she says “OH you been rolling with them guests, huh?” I said “I know”. She says, and I quote, “YOU SUPPOSED TO SAY THANK YOU GSTL!” Thank YOU for allowing me to do your employee’s jobs as well as not having working registers so making my own path and getting shit done? No thanks, suck it.


Things go well through Black Friday. Sunday I speak with my MarketSource DM, Lance, and he tells me that I’ve¬†exceeded all expectations and then some; he offers to move me to a store that’s about 20 minutes away and promote me from Tech Team Member to Manager ($8/hr to $14/hr plus comissions).

I was happy. I finally found something I’m good at, and I didn’t wanna kill myself every time I came to clock in.


And then it all changed on Tuesday, November 29th around 10AM.


We’ve had issues with overnight taking our keys for Mobile/Tech. Without my keys I can’t get into the phone locker, or anything at the electronics boat; I basically can’t do my job at all. I clock in at 10 am that Tuesday, go and start my laptop up at the desk, then walk down to guest services to retrieve my keys.

GSTL opens the box for me and my keys are gone. This begins my 50 minute long traipse around Target, asking everyone from Electronics, Toys, Overnight, AP, all TL’s, etc. if they knew where the keys were. I’m constantly paging anyone for assistance over the walkie, but alas, no responses for me. On and off the phone with my manager, who notifies me that the DM (Ali) is with a TL (Amber) doing his walkthrough, and that if I brought the issue up to her, he’d hear it and it’d be dealt with.

I locate the pair and tell Amber my issue; the DM ignores me the entire time.
The only thing I get from her is “did you check with your peers?” What kind of bs is that? I walk away and call my manager again. Apparently, I was being beckoned now by the DM because Mr. Ali saw that I was disgruntled to say the least. I didn’t hear him calling to be fully honest. Another Team Memeber chases after me and notifies me that he wanted to see me. I said I’m busy, and if he needs to speak with me, I’ll be in Electronics. I arrive at Electronics on the phone with my manager, and the Electronics employee hands me the missing keys. He took them “so nobody else would lose them”, then went on break. I’ve never had a problem with this individual before. We always joke around and get our jobs done, he was just trying to prevent overnight from losing our keys again, but his timing was impeccably horrid.

I begin to do my job when the TL (Amber), another higher up from the location (Felicia), and the DM (Ali) all walk over to me. They basically tell me to stop what I’m doing so they can speak with me. In this interaction with the DM, THE ONLY TIME I’VE EVER MET THIS GUY, FACE TO FACE FOR 30 SECONDS, I didn’t curse and kept my composure. I was pulled into the office with Felicia and we spoke about what transpired. It was to my understanding everything was okay. Apparently it was not.


I continue to work for about another hour and a half and I see my manager walking up) he was scheduled off for today). He brings me to the stock room and says we need to talk. I jokingly say “What, did Lance tell you to fire me?” His only response was a long sigh and a mumbled “this sucks”. He said he fought for me as much as possible, which I fully and truly believe. I’ve known this man for quite some time, and he was ecstatic to hear about my management opportunity. I call my DM, and he avoids my calls for a bit. Finally, when he does call me back, he wants to hear absolutely nothing I have to say, because Ali chewed his ass out for me being “belligerent” and “cursing up a storm and causing a scene in front of guests”. As of this point I am immediately terminated and to be kicked out of the store. I start yelling on the phone in the back and 3-4 employees as well as AP (Dwayne, another friend) come running into the back. They all find out what happened and can’t believe I’m getting fired for trying to find the keys so I could simply do my job. One of the TL’s (Idr his name) tried to have me escorted out by force by security. I told him I just needed to collect my things and that security wouldn’t need to be called, AP could walk me out. Dwayne walks me out of the door, and my coworker calls me because she heard the news (travels fast at Target, huh?).

So, tl;dr, I was fired because I didn’t hear someone calling my name, and it’s disrespectful to walk away from someone who you’ve never been introduced to, who doesn’t know your name, and doesn’t care about your issues obviously because when you voiced your needs you were ignored.


There’s now only 3 Tech team members at store 1449 and I doubt they’ll find another like me, that’s for damn sure. One month in and I’m offered Manager? I must’ve been doing something right.


So, there you have it. Please comment on if you feel I could’ve/should’ve done anything different.

Fuck Target

*drops mic*


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  • WeNeedJesus says:

    I was hired as a GSA and Is still there I find that no matter how good you are at your job; No matter how well you actually do your job compared to others who just sit around and gossip the leaders will always find something about you that they hate or something they nitpick on. I work the best I can and do my best to stay busy yet the people who sit there and talk with the leaders and gossip with are the people who get the praise which is BS. Idk why they don't like me. Oh well I haven't given them a reason to fire me yet but I'm sure if some small shit like that happens to me They will try to do the same to me but I still don't understand why they don't like me when I get everything done on time vs the people who just sit around and talk when were slow.

  • TheBoxMan says:

    You tried to hard. Never try to hard at a company like this. Its gets attention drawn to you and you make others look bad. Target is run by Machiavellian bs.


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