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May 8, 2014 - idunnawhat2do

Miss Demeanor

I am a tm like all of ya I hate target. I am suspended BC i I picked up a charge. Now it will be dropped in the the timeframe they gave me. my question is this, i have another charge pending and after the end of june i will have a misdemeanor will they still terminate me for having a criminal record. Trust me, i hate target but i cannot lose that miserable job right now.


Employee Experience


  • disgusted says:

    When I first read Miss Demeanour, I thought what kind of a drag show character is that?????? Oh my!!!! Why does tarshit have to know about a misdemeanor anyways if you already hired and working?

  • fucktarget says:

    What ETL's hired your convict ass? They should be fired as well. Now, go try on your new orange jumpsuit. Remember, weed is a gateway drug!!!


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