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June 9, 2015 - miserablecashier

Miserable, at best.

I’ve looked at this site for plenty of time now and finally decided to post my own, because target has made me miserable, at best. I’m 18 years old and I am already completely exhausted of working (especially in retail) thanks to target. I started this past September. I was a loyal target shopper (not loyal enough to get a red card though ha ha!) and I thought working here would be fun. Wrong.

I have never felt so belittled before in my life. Management claims to care about your feelings and want to hear from you but they don’t. I got talked to for not telling my bosses I had anxiety until 6 months into working here. Uhm, last I checked I didn’t have to. I only told you so I could get a few days off before I completely lost my shit.

At first I was treated like a baby for it, always carefully watched and pulled into the office to have them dig into my personal life and see how I was. this only bothered me because I specifically told them I do not want this to change how they see me, I just needed a break for a few days. They went from treating me like a baby to making my anxiety worse.

I feel like I am the only employee they pay attention to so closely. Maybe because I’m the youngest worker there? I just turned 18. me becoming an adult does not mean you can drop all your respect for me. after EVERY SINGLE transaction I make my ETL front lanes comes over and “gives me advice” by pointing out everything I did wrong, then covering it up with a “but you’re doing well other ┬áthan that” in the most condescending tone I have ever heard. They will sit at cafe and watch me if I am up at the front lanes, or stand at guest service and watch me if I’m at the back lanes. They will talk shit on how I am doing where I can hear them. and I know for a fact I am doing good! I’ve always been green for surveys and I always get people who specially come to my line. I don’t push the red card down people’s throats. when I was a shopper, I got sick of hearing about it. so I know how these genuinely uninterested guests feel when I bug them with it. But, management doesn’t care. even though they claim it’s all about the guest.

I’m always doing something wrong. I even got talked to for chewing gum, when I’ve chewed gum since day 1 and nobody said a word. they even let me go back to locker to get gum! I’m not friendly enough. uhm sorry there’s rude people and I don’t want to be overly cheery to someone who’s look on their face just told me to fuck off. I don’t smile enough. what am I, a model? I fix my glasses too much. I push my hair out of my face too much. I talk too loud, then too quiet.

I felt so belittled more than usual today that I came home crying. all 6 bosses watched ME today and even called the GSA over to point out my “flaws” that aren’t even there to him. I can’t even comfortably do my job because I feel like I’m being scrutinized and judged and harassed every second of every day. I’ve asked around and NOBODY gets talked to as much as me. I wish more than anything that I could quit. and that makes me sad because I loved being a cashier at first. so many nice people come through my line that they cancel out the few negative ones I get. but I just can’t handle this job anymore. my anxiety is through the roof even with medication because their evil eyes stick to me every where I go. every transaction isn’t going to go perfect. I will have bad days and not want to start a 30 minute conversation with a guest ┬ábut I will always ask how they are, if they found everything okay, and tell them “here you go” when I hand them bags and wish them a wonderful day. but that is not enough

i should not feel this miserable at 18 years old because of my FIRST job. I should not cry and try and think if I should call off or not before every shift. I should not come home too angry to talk to my family.

target is ruining my life, my spirit, and my damn mind. I have to work through schooh in order to pay bills. but I think after this summer, target is out of the picture. I can’t handle the harassment that’s hidden by fake niceness anymore.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Target is a hell hole. Ask for red cards to every guest, carry the vibe and talk a lot. Blah blah blah. I understand, it's hard when there on your ass about stupid crap when you're just doing what is right and that is getting a person though, checking there stuff though so they can pay. You should just get away with check out, hand them reciept, have a good day. That's it. I know everyone is different, but I hate Target a lot, they piss me off, but to get another job is a nightmare as I don't drive. I'm sorry you got very sad about it. I'm a very nice person, but when I am bothered by something I get pissed off very easily. I use to get sad in my younger years from bothersome things and annoying things, but I've been angry about things for a long time now at my age of 20s and 28 now. At my store we're always told if a guest wants a different price on something because they said they saw different price just change it for them don't question or say but it's the big one not the small one we can't change price, oh no you'r bad David never say but this one is not the small one, never say but, just say ok and change it. WTF? Seriously, we're letting people get away with lying, cheating, and stealing now? Well I don't care if I don't even have a job at 30, I will put in my quit 2 week notice no matter what than. That will be 9 years at Target at 30 for me, 9, yeah great $9.12 pay now since I've been there a long time. O we we we. If you want to stay at Target at all ask to speak to store manager about the problems you are having or speak to HR person or to a LOD.


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