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November 18, 2014 - TheArtofThought

Mired in Hell

I started working at Target on the flow team about 3 months ago.  I was never trained just thrown on the back of the line and that was that.  If it wasn’t for my coworkers telling me what to do I would’ve been lost.  Some how the flow team is always understaffed but harassed about going over time and taking too long.  Here’s a riddle, how do 6 people unload a 2400 piece truck?  It’s the Target way.  I despised our team leader, never says anything positive, always is harsh and negative.  We’ve even had guest defend us from his tirades…the sad part is I think he’s an asshole because the guy over him is chief of the assholes.  I’ve heard his comments and attitude and I’m wanting to actually defend our team leader from him.  The top manager, the assistant manager, and the other leaders of respective departments are all cool.  The store I’m at is utter chaos and dysfunctional.  The only good thing are my coworkers.  We all get along, work well together, and manage to get through each hellish day with some wit and humor.  I’ve only dealt with one bad guest although what’s up with not watching your kids in a store? Where I work there are a lot of oblivious whiny liberal or dumb conservative stay at home moms with too many kids. But I digress, as for Target is a person of authority having a personality disorder worthy of a hostile work environment complaint?  If I could stop people with kids from coming in the store, and get rid of the 2 people right over the flow team Target wouldn’t be half bad.  Since that won’t happen I decided today I hate Target.


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