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January 22, 2014 - iwonttellxoxo

Maybe I was a little disappointed.

In early October of 13, I applied at Target. Within an hour I got a call scheduling an interview and learned the position I was interviewing for was seasonal. Now, normally I would have declined at that moment because quite frankly seasonal isn’t my thing, but I applied when I was 18 weeks pregnant and money was already tight so I figured anything is better than a little diner job I previously had. I was hired on when I was 21 weeks pregnant.

When I started, I obviously started cashiering and everything was fine. Actually everything was fine until my second day training on Sales Floor. My second day training I was paired with a girl in her mid-30’s, who left me alone not knowing how to fully work the PDA. But I managed. What actually got me that day, was when I was scheduled for a 15 and I went in back and two TL’s were talking about me being pregnant and how I’d be “unable to perform tasks due to my disability”. But I let it go, thinking to myself that I’d just prove them wrong.


I had no further problems until I was roughly 29-30 weeks along when I noticed the pulls were getting quite challenging. But I still did them with no problem or complaints. However, when I noticed the other men, perfectly capable men, taking the smallest pulls possible I finally said something. I was told they couldn’t control it, but they’d keep me on softlines reshop. I was fine with this. However they never followed through and I continued to work pulls. It got to the point where i would call over my walkie for help lifting bigger objects, because I didnt want to have a target baby. But I would get no response. Absolutely none. In fact,  I NEVER got any sort of response over the walkie, not even if it involved questions with a guest. So I was stuck doing it alone.


My zones that I was assigned at closing would involve B, C, and D or Mens, Infant Softlines, Shoes, and Boys. Which I always thought was quite unfair as others would get only one section, or they’d be on reshop all night.


There was one TL, in particular, who hated me. There was a day I was scheduled for a 15 and 11:15 am. As I walked to the TSC, operator called for a call on 2280 in A block. Which is where I was. So I said I’d get the call. And I did. The call lasted about 6 minutes, so I finished around 11:20. As I continued my walk, a guest stopped me about a coupon question. I answered and helped her find the product she was actually looking for. By the time I got back to the TSC it was 11:26. The TL saw me and asked that after my break, I meet her somewhere. I agreed. And I did where I was hollered at for being late to my break and they ‘take time out of their day to make a grid and we all need to follow it to the T.’ And I apparently ‘left sales floor in a bad place because I left at the wrong time.’ Okay? Whatever.


A day or two later, the same TL chewed me out for not completely organizing the clearance section of Ready To Wear. I had sized everything, finger spaced, the whole kit and kaboodle. However, what I was supposed to do was actually put everything by style also. Which I was never taught or hollered at for previously. But I did it.


Mind you, I talked to MY TL, three times throughout my work there in which every single time I was asked if I wanted to stay after seasonal, I said yes, and I was told I was doing very well and I would probably stay on because I was always responding to the lanes, alwaysgrabbing calls, aadding my job in general.


However I started noticing them treat me differently. Questions arose like “can you handle that? We dont want you taking pulls. Only work softlines. Make sure you take breaks on time. When are you due again?” However the only thing that ever stayed true was taking my breaks on time.


When it came time to actually finding out if I would stay or not, I was told no because they were unsure if I wanted the position. I was beyond taken back. But what really threw me for a loop was when I found out who did get to stay. A girl who was underage, who’s sister works there. However both girls sit around and just talk, and got caught numerous times in front of me and others and were told to separate. This girl also never completed her zone by 9:45, and always left a bunch of reshop and a mess for us. Another person who got picked to stay was a GSTL’s son. And the last person to get picked I actually agreed on. She was a perfect worker.


My overall stay with target was terrible. But I did make lots of new friends with others on Sales Floor and after all, I’m glad I did not stay.


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  • target666 says:

    Interesting story. It's all about politics. So they let you go because they weren't sure if you wanted to stay? Wow they do love speaking for people. F their huddles, F their managers, F their douchebag yes men.

  • Silverfox says:

    lol they pick the unreliable ones

  • pinkzinnia says:

    I don't understand their logic either in who they keep or let go at the end of the season. Where I work they kept a girl who calls out all the time and is slow doing her job. Yet they let go someone who showed up every day, was pleasant and needed the job.

    The difference, girl #1 kisses ass and makes the tl & etl's feel sorry for her because she is sickly..

  • Hate_Me says:

    Holy shit. I usually don't read posts that are this long, but your grammar skills made it bearable. That, and you actually perform work at your job; unlike so many other Target dipshits. What you described sounded so damn typical of Target that is was unreal. I could almost envision you slaving away at one of the 2 Targets I worked at here in my town. It was like I could see you getting bitched out by the same people I recall working with, being left high-and-dry with the PDA by the same Apparel bitches, and doing pulls by yourself.

    That's utter bullshit. It sucks mostly because there's not a lot that you can do at this point that wouldn't just be a waste of your time. For one, Target policy clearly states that no relatives of management can work for the same store as their said relative. I think there's some bullshit loophole where the hired-on Team Member just can't work in the same department, but Target easily works around this by "scheduling" them in different departments, but having them actually work together.

    Either way, the Integrity Hotline would have had a hay-day with your story. Ugh, what they did to you pisses me off so badly because (a) you didn't deserve it, and (b) none of those fuckers ever got in trouble when they should have.

    Throughout my 5 years at Target, I saw the DUMBEST seasonal workers possible end up being retained by the store, while they terminated other seasonal workers who would have done a great job. I never understood this until about my 2nd year in, when the ACTUAL "culture" of Target started to really sink in. They have a specific mold that they want their employees to fit into, and if you don't fit that mold, they don't want you there and you will never be promoted. Instead, you will be bullied until you either snap and get yourself fired, or you quit altogether.

    I am so sorry they pulled this shit on you; especially while you were pregnant. My God. On the bright side, I am also really happy to hear that you never have to put up with Target's bullshit ever again.


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