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February 1, 2017 - Htchoc1

Maybe it’s me…GSA woes

  1. The level of unprofessionalism and disrespect doesnt even brush the surface of being human.

Oct. 2016- hired as GSA…had my doubts but needed a job. Lesson Learned.

Bathroom Break- soon as I clocked in for my shift. all mgt. Waiting at Starbucks for their drinks before a mtg. HEY…GET OVER THERE HELP THEM OUT. yells at me…after I help through the rush I tell my supervisor. Who is the GSTL…I’m going to the bathroom and I’ll be right back. There happened to be a line in the restroom. When I get back to the front. GSTL YOU TOOK ENTIRELY TOO LONG.

One day I got really sick. I usually tough it out but I knew I just needed a day of rest. I call off. CAN’T YOU JUST TAKE SOME MEDICINE AND COME IN ANYWAY. I calay said no and ended the call. Did I mention I called 4 hours before my shift started??

We were in backup and I had to send someone in guest service to their break. So I hopped on because it was only for 15 mins. Afterwards I was called into the hallway and yelled at. For hopping on because it was during the holidays….in the hallway near the time clock where anyone clocking in could hear. A good 5 or 6 people heard by the way.

Called off because my serpentine belt broke on my car. YOU CALL OFF ON A SUNDAY?! yes, Im on the side of the road and I am stranded. STL Hung up in my face…

At this point I’ve been here 3 months, I would think health insurance kicked in by now. I asked another HR ETL, WEREN’T YOU PAYING ATTENTION DURING ORIENTATION?! I simply walk away. Any engagement after that response would of resulted in a verbal altercation.

Today, not feeling well. Quiet for my 4 hour shift trying to just get through it. ETL do you have a poor attitude too? Wow…

I know that every job has its disadvantages but I never would have imagined being treated so poorly. As GSA, we are the bottom. We are cart attendants, bathroom monitors, Baristas, cafe staff, coupon overseers, security at times, kind of a catch all. So I would think we’d be more respected and cut slack but it’s the exact opposite. You expect poor behavior from guests because we can’t control them. They are who they are.  I wouldve never imagined being treated so badly by a company that calls staff “team members”. They treat us like we are less than human. Cattle even to be hearded around.


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  • Rav3n says:

    Sounds like you work at my former store 🙁 I am sorry this is going on, I had the same BS and ended up just quitting....treated like a 2nd grader.

  • poohbear80 says:

    That's the majority of retail stores for years now, you have a particular title yet you do almost everything in the store. The only exception with target are the cashiers I believe, but they have their own hell being hounded to get red card sign ups. If you have an associates degree at least and some experience with being in charge of a group I would apply for manager positions in offices and ditch retail.


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