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January 22, 2015 - rainprincess64

Managers at Target have AWFUL Communication Skills

Is it just me or does Target teach its managers to have NO sense of human interaction, you know how to actually communicate with people? This company just seems to lack overall communication and organization capabilities amongst its leaders. Whenever the ETLs at my store “counsel” people if they don’t get so many red cards in a week, they literally will say “do you have any concerns?” even if you spent 30 min trying to explain to them your concerns which go in one ear and out the other! Also they try to avoid certain topics that “challenge” the stupid shit they say and the dumb rules they try making up because they suck.


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  • Silverfox says:

    lol I don't think they give a shit about it, if they did, tarshit wouldn't be failing badly in canada right now, so badly they probably resorted to a fake quit.


    Right challenge the stupid shit and you become marked.. That's not fair.. Very sad.

  • rainprincess64 says:

    I say fuck Tarshit and its stupid managers. Team leads tell me that of all the places they've worked, Tarshit has the most ignorant, stupid and least educated leaders they've ever worked for in their life. I'm about to be Audi and rid of this stupid ass company for good, as I just got a new job offer this week. HURRAY for being rid of Tarshit!


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