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February 7, 2015 - justwhy

Man Oh Man….

I just hit my 90 days and I’m surprisingly holding on. The longer I work there the more I notice my coworkers’ disatisfaction with target as well. They bs their love for their job in front of new tm’s because they never know who might be a kiss ass and snitch. Last weekend I had what i deemed the worst shift ever at target, not only for me but for my fellow tm who was working toys who i will refer to as “bobby”.  we were constantly being called on those damn walkies to see where we were in our zones only to be told we needed to pick up the pace (and help entitled guests, and respond to backup,and do 2 carts of go backs) so we said we would try becausse there was no guarantee that we would finish. I showed up thinking i was doing ad takedown so i took my break with the ad team. I was yelled at because i wasn’t supposed to do ads i just happened to come in at the same time as the ad team and be in the ad team huddle…bogus right. so i say fine and continue my job. LOD proceeds to tell me im going too slow and is concerned  about me not finishing my zone…she sees that i completely redid the pens and pencils aisle making it look presentable and she’s like wow this looks great….with the bitchiest attitude i tell her “yeah, that’s why ive been so ‘slow’ today” she proceeds to lash out on bobby saying he doesnt zone the way he used to and should that hes changed. bobby obviously gets a bit sad and tells me that he tries his best and does everything he’s told to. at closing i hear bobby’s name called out on the walkie 5x in a span of 10mins. the look on his face said that he wanted to get hit by a train because he was so fed up. not only that, i got lectured because backroom tm’s think its a good idea to leave their unfinished carts with pulls on the floor and just go home…….then have hardlines get blamed. long story short, the expectations are crazy. i like my coworkers theyre all nice ppl, LOD’s theres like 3-4cool ones and the rest are snobby and discouraging. whenever ppl ask if we’re hiring or i see a person using the computer by guest services applying i just wanna tell them not to work there because its hell on earth!!


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  • rainprincess64 says:

    It's funny you mention the backroom. At my store I noticed that flow and backroom team members are the most often featured as "team member of the month" (and other kiss ass team members, although it's mainly backroom and flow). There are other options out there, and I hope you and Bobby find such opportunities ASAP! Tarshit is a madhouse no matter where you are it seems. Crazy I used to really love shopping there when I was younger. Now I mainly shop there because of prices and my discount (soon to be gone as I put my two weeks in a few days ago).

  • viciousdave says:

    Backroom team does the most work out of all. I got trained on backroom once to see if I would like it. I didn't, sometimes one of us has to clean the back of trailers hitches connector balls tons of tar on those over time, and than tons of back stock from trucks to put away in our backroom shelving, there's hundreds of backroom shelving to keep so overnight team can place some in empty spaces. Backroom has to restock all freezers too from chicken to waffles to eggs and milk and the backroom freezer too of saved up extra stock of freezer items. Than for closing backroom members we have to lay down plats for the fork lifts to hold boxes of stock for the overnight stocking team. Floor is way better and easier, but both take a lot of skill to do it fast or the ETls or your TL will on you about do it faster we need it stocked faster. I hated it and so I stayed cashier instead. I still hate asking about red cards though.


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