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October 19, 2014 - yeaisaidit

Looking Elsewhere

 What I dont respect about Target is there nonchalant care for their employees. Ive worked at Target for about 7 months and was OKAY with it at first. I mean this isnt my first go-around in retail, so i knew what to expect from department stores. But recently things have went “stupid dumb” in my store.

I wont say what store or position I am, because you never know. There are lurkers everywhere. Anyway, a new “Team member” was hired in my department – we clicked, talked about the happenings. Until she outright abuse the fact that i would cover her hours because I had bills to pay. When I asked her to cover one of my shifts, she immediately dismissed me. So I will not cover anyones shift ever. I will never fill in for a call out. They have to work with the fuck they were left with.

With that, I requested an availability change just for one day. But as always they dismissed me. But yet there are many team members who call out, request availability changes with no real fucking reason, and do no fucking work for no fucking reason.  But yet they are recognized for the dumbest shit. Im not at all pleased with working at Target. I ve been a great worker for the company: rarely late (1 day maybe out the month), called out only about 4 times since I started and always ‘zone’ and ‘push’ and ‘pushing cafes’ which is not my job. Willing to assist guests (often going above and beyond for them) and WAS willing to cover shifts for fellow team members. Im hardly recoginzed, I give my energy to Target, bt shitted on in return.

ETLs don’t do FA Alerts, backroom does it. ETLs dont zone, we zone their work during the huddles. How I know, I see them half assing the zone the whole hour before the huddle. ETLs sit on their ass and also ask TM to ‘go to channel so&so’ so they dont have to get off their ass. And when a fellow “Target Sucks User” said that looks and kissing ass got many ETLs their position, they wasnt lyin. Im a cutie but i will not kiss anybody ass in the that dump, definitely not for no midget ass raise (no offense to the little people). They often take advantage of the disable – picking at them, mocking them, etc.

So yes Im at the end of my patience for target. Fuck Fast, Fun & Friendly. More like FUCK EM OVER, SIT ON THEIR ASS & LET THE MIN. WAGE HANDLE THE DIRTY WORK.


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  • trashtalk says:

    Nonchalant is right, our STL told leads if anyone is having issues now then maybe they aren't cut out for ETL. basically do it or leave, and that is what our ETL logistics tells the back room. Basically shut up and smile and vibe.
    Target does not have people that lead, they don't have leaders, they have bosses that save their own skin because the company pushes from the top down. I've heard the training from ETL to TL: find someone to hammer on because I'm hammering on you because I'm getting it from STL.


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