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August 14, 2013 - Chris. 349

LOD turned SOB

Awhile back I was called off to the side to discuss the responsibilities of the Cart Attendant job. I know the responsibilites just fine because I’ve been doing the job for years. The GSA decided to give me a talking to because the spill stations weren’t being checked enough. I responded with something along the lines of, “all you have to do is ask.” For that I got this response, “duties that the Cart Attendants are responsibile aren’t getting done.” As if I’m responsible for five other guys when I’m not even at work.

While talking down to me the GSA revealed that the extra duties were assigned by a specific LOD. I’m not going to mention names but I’ve referenced him before and now have an intense dislike for him. I tried to tell the GSA that it’s impossible to clean the check lanes once an hour when it’s busy like it has been and wait ten minutes to clean bathrooms because women like to make my job hard. Than I got this response, “If you claim that you do something and you didn’t than you’re lying, and not doing your job.” First of all, I wouldn’t have to fudge on what got done and what didn’t if you weren’t harping about all the sudden. Second, why are at least two GSA’s and this LOD telling me on almost a daily basis that I’m not doing my job. I did it just fine for the years I worked at Target until now.

Getting yelled at was worth it because I got a glimpse into the LOD’s psyche. Apparentley he altered the duties the Cart Attendant is responsible for out of spite, which indicates to me a child’s mentality. I tell you I don’t look forward to going to work on the days I do work. To help keep myself sane I try to remember, “LOD what’s his name made my job impossible to do, so it’s his job to sit in the chair that he made, even and especally when things don’t get done and it’s his fault.” Oh, and get this, he even tries to find carry outs for me to do. I called him out on it one day saying that it was a rather ingenius plan, for that I got one of the most dirtiest looks. The next day he makes me stay late to do a carry out. I think he’s got something personnal against me, I don’t know what, since I don’t even know the creep. I think I’ve been listed as a targeted employee, pardon the pun.  I look forward to beating this LOD at his own game.


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  • Thatwierdguy says:

    Damn! Good god I HATE these type of situations. I learned 1st hand about this stuff the hard way working at McDonald's. Never thought I would read so many posts/comments where they blame stuff on you when either that isn't your responsibility or because someone else slacked off. Even I feel like punching him in the face lol, well best of luck with that guy who really sounds like a jerk/douche.

  • Chris. 349 says:

    Thanks for the sympathy. I caught off gaurd because I've worked at Target for years without too many problems until now.


    It's ok the etl at my most recent store got pissed off when I told him he's going to have to make some of the other market employees besides one to actually fill the ice in the front of the store and the milk because no one would ever do it.


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