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January 31, 2020 - Apathina

Lies Lies Lies

So many things to complain about but I’ll talk about my breaking point. So this lovely company that likes to use fake smiles and promises of flexible schedules is a scam. I was hired as a non-seasonal employee and offered a position as a toy general merchandiser.
Besides the absolute mess, overload of truck, screaming kids and parents, and no support I managed to make it through 8 months even through Black Friday which was the worst working experience of my life.

Then one day after applying to get moved out of only night shifts and have my hours lessened because of school they decided to not inform me that they were just changing the area I was working in. They moved me to bath and eventually on the third day I was finally told by a manager that I was the new bath “owner”. Well thanks for no communication on that aspect atleast you cut my hours and it’s not a night shift it’s 11-3 which was nice. After getting comfortable and many compliments of me “fixing the area up” and that they were “so glad I was the one that took bath” (uhhh I didn’t you just scheduled me) I noticed something.
Hmmm you know those approved max hours? We ignore that and you are now 11-5 and work 6 days in a row. WOAH THERE what’s there mother of mid shifts I see. I decided I’d give it a shot and ask if atleast some of the shifts during the week could be lessened but they refused again and again so I said fine but because of school and family I can’t work past 2 and I especially can’t work till 5. Can I work 8-2 or 9-3 LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. To which they responded with.

yea I get that but we need you to be there for the extra one hour and a half to do abandons and help guests.

I swear she wants me to quit. I explain to her I need to be moved into a different area then that won’t “require” me to be mid shift and she says she will talk to my other manager about it. Not even an hour later I saw the other manager and he told me to my face “oh so we can do those hours not next week but the week after just put it through the computer”.

I should have made them do it then and there. Three and a half weeks later I am stuck with 11-3:30 and even more aisles added to my workload but less time. Then the week after that I see not only am I back to 11-5…. but I work 6 days in a row, no two days off in a row, and that one of the shifts is even 11-7:30 am even WORSE mid shift that sets my hours 10+ hours above my APPROVED MAX HOURS.
So not only did they lie directly to my face. They made it my workload and hours worse than ever before with absolutely no communication whatsoever. Oh yea I forgot to say the 9 extra aisles they added weren’t communicated with me until 6 days later when I complained to a manager stuff that wasn’t bath or curtains was being put on my uboat.
My location has allready lost so many full time employees and without seasonal there’s no one to cover any of the losses and I’m about to be one more.


told me they would switch my mid shift to morning and lied just increased my hours even more to make worse mid shifts


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