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February 2, 2014 - iHateTargetMore

Liberate tutame ex Target!

In Latin means: “Save yourself from Target!” Lol Today I came into work like any other day, but dressed in casual clothes and 45 minutes late. I go to my locker to get my jacket and phone charger and start to walk out the door. Then I see a TL, they say “hey what’s up? aren’t you on the schedule today?” I simply replied “Yes, you are correct”. And walked out the door. I feel so liberated!




  • Hate_Me says:

    That was a pretty low-key (and lame) way to go out at Target. You should have done what I did. I handed in my 2-week notice after 5 years of soul-crushing servitude, and then I spent a lot of that time sneaking into the offices, going through employee's files, stealing nice pens, finding their stashes of candy and eating it all, sitting in the break room for hours at a time watching TV, writing random rude Post-It notes and leaving them on my boss' desks, etc. Oh, and I didn't zone worth shit. I spent a lot of time, locked up in a fitting room, texting friends, getting online, Facebooking, etc. You should have gone out with a bang. All you did was probably annoy them momentarily until they were able to call someone in, then shake their heads at you and filed your paperwork under "Terminated". Lame.


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