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August 22, 2012 - OverIt

Legal Action for Giving Discounts?

So I was given a final about a month ago for giving a discount. My friend’s mom (they’re broke) came in and tried to use my friend’s discount card, it didn’t go through because she was paying with a regular debit card so I took about 15 dollars off to save her the embarrassment of having to go through her cart and give her daughter’s friend items back that she couldn’t afford. They gave me the final, I took it, signed the paper. Well in the past I have given friends my co-workers discount number and gave them discounts. If Target finds out can they take legal action? I’ve been
Stressing this whole month about it.

They act like it is the worst thing possible. There are employees who qmos or whatever food items and take them home with them!


Employee Experience


  • Hate_Me says:

    Uh, yeah, it's called "stealing", you idiot. You can't just knock off fifteen bucks from someone's total amount due just because they're lazy shits who don't strive for better things in life like, oh, I dunno....EDUCATION.

    You signed a strict and binding policy when you were hired, acknowledging that you would adhere to Target's bullshit about not giving someone a measly 10% off their over-priced purchase. So if you want to keep your damn job, you don't break policies.

    Not just that, but if you're so concerned about your criminal career as a Target discount card-swiping hooligan, you need to just stop doing it. My god...believe it or not, there is no such thing as "The Target Police". If you get busted, it's because they already had their eye on you because you were dumb enough to knock off $15 from your friend's mom's purchase.

    She's not even entitled to the discount! Gah! Did you even READ the paperwork you signed?? Only immediate family, husbands/wives, and dependents are eligible to use the employee discount. I'm not saying Target doesn't doesn't deserve to be ripped off, but seriously, you are just like all of the other morons working for Target who think they can get away with shit.

    Sad news for you is that Target can't do anything for thefts under $ they wait until you've exceeded that limit to go after you. And yeah, they can take legal action against you, get you arrested, and you will have to be someone's little girlfriend in prison. Haha. Seriously though, stop fucking stealing. Are you r******d??


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