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November 21, 2017 - Chronofr3nzy

Lack of training, piss poor management harassing people for “performance issues” and sexual harassment – store #1531

So I’ve been at Target for almost 7 months now at store #1531 and I would have to say the ‘training’, or I should say the LACK OF TRAINING at store #1531 is a bunch of shit.  They essentially hired me to do the electronics department but when I was brought on board they had me working Domestics/Furniture instead of Electronics and didn’t even give me any equipment to even do my fucking job, and when I did I couldn’t even log in for the 2 weeks of ‘training’.  Afterwards I got shoved into Electronics and was pretty much thrown out to the wolves with absolutely no additional training at all. In addition I would literally be the only goddamn person working the ENTIRE SIDE WHERE ELECTRONICS IS AT having to deal with every guest screaming about why certain items were in the wrong place because other team members can’t do their fucking jobs right, having the Mobile Tech team members pressing the “Guest assistance in Electronics” because all they want to do is stand around and chit-chat with each other, the call box screaming for guest assistance in Photo Lab and having a three-tier overflowing with blue side returns because obviously THEY CAN’T FUCKING PROPERLY STAFF THE STORE PROPERLY.

A few months later I kept getting called into clerical to talk about my “poor performance” claiming my zoning wasn’t “1000% in compliance” (this is exactly what my ETL demanded) when I had a shit ton of evidence that other associates can’t do shit as well.  Shit has gotten so bad that even a female mobile tech associate has been doing nothing but telling people everything about her sex life, invading people’s personal spaces by hugging them and having their sexual partners do the same to male team members and even has told a few male team members to lift up their shirts.  What does the management do? nothing.

I cannot believe that Target is this horrible to work at.  I can understand why people shit on this company all the time.  They have no respect for anyone who works there, have impossible expectations and thinks their employees are fucking robots.


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  • Chronofr3nzy says:

    Just an update had my STL and HR managers threaten me to quit because apparently harassment is appropriate because the tech associates arent officially target employees and therfore they cant do anything about it and refused to have me transfer to another location because of the "performance issues". Target has a shit ton of unprofessional pricks.

  • lacherrymoon says:

    If you dislike it so much, why are you still there? I don’t believe anyone is forcing you.

    • TargetSucks says:

      Maybe their bill collectors like to get paid? Sometimes, when you're an adult, you keep a shitty job so you can pay things called "bills." (not the same kind of "bills" on Capital Hill that sing in cartoons). But you're right, they should quit when they can.

    • Chronofr3nzy says:

      Exactly what the admin stated. Yes I am looking for another job and yes I am still at target to pay my bills. I simply am one who doesn't quit a job without having something else lined up. Even if I do get terminated from Target I'm going to have fun lashing out against the company.

  • Chronofr3nzy says:

    So as a little update, as of 1 hour of posting this I have been informed that my employment at Target as been terminated on what they call "dishonesty". I find this to be complete and total bullshit because I had spent the past 7 months busting my ass for Target and I had been nothing more than a Target to them for dealing with bullshit.

    Here are some final thoughts I have to say about Target.

    1) Fuck Management: bunch of lunatics who think they're so tough running a store when they can't even show any form of respect for the individuals who are busting their ass daily to pay bills. Their philosophy is to reward people who are lazy fucks and punish those who are actually busting their ass

    2) Fuck HR: Biggest bunch of ignorant assholes who throw Target policies in your face when you know people aren't doing things correctly. Even reporting in people for harassment isn't good enough for them.

    3) Fuck the Breakroom: Most likely the most disgusting piece of garbage room in the building. People can't fucking clean up after themselves in there. Seriously, is it really a place to babysit a bunch of grown ups?

    4) Fuck guests: Seriously the biggest bunch of ignorant, demanding and immature people you will ever encounter EVER!. Seriously, how many fucking questions does one have to ask about a goddamn phone case. If you have an iPhone 6 and you're holding a case for an iPhone 6 then YES IT WILL BLOODY FIT THE PHONE!!! Oh, and don't forget about the immature 12-13 year olds who get all butthurt about having to ask for an ID for a rated M game.

    5) FUCK TARGET!! I’m sick of rude “guests”, terrible management, crying babies, getting fucking meat juice on my clothes, etc… I am never working retail again, I swear to god.

  • savagearchon says:

    So apparently I forgot my password and I no longer have access to the email I used on here but something hilarious happened a few months ago to me.I know this is an old post from over 2 years ago but this is some next level bullshit.

    I found out about 6 months after being terminated from this location was that the whole "dishonesty" bullshit was allegedly from another associate who wanted something from Electronics so she handed me her debit card while we both were on lunch and I got the item for her. What I didn't know was that after I gave the item to her with receipt and everything and despite the fact that the security camera's captured everything I was accused of stealing this persons debit card and I eventually was charged with felony debit card abuse. The whole situation was really r******d because I didn't know about this until I was in an automobile accident July 2018 and allegedly the police were "looking for me" during those months. I put it in quotations because it was definitely a lie as I have 4 family members who testified that they never came to me for anything. Not only that but I spent the following year and a half calling and emailing my attorney about what went on and was left totally in the dark. My attorney wanted to use the 6th amendment (fair and speedy trial) tactic to get the case dismissed. However it was a 50-50 chance of it being denied and whole scenario being dragged further so I took a plea deal for a 2 year probation.

    What I found to be totally typical of the loyal Target Fascist asshats is that in 2019 I was working for a car rental company as a service agent. One of my duties was to fuel vehicles which luckily there was a gas station across the street from where we were located. On 3 different occasions one of the managers, 1st a team lead for groceries, then the front end manager, then the AP manager came in and when they saw me the stood behind the area where the registers were at, faced away me and pretended to be on their phones. It was an open area so you could see clearly across the entire store. Luckily I had a jacket on so I covered my work shirt up and gave them a piece of my mind on how they should learn how to show empathy, respect and compassion instead of working people to death and falsely accusing people of shit before sending them on r******d legal battles.


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