Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

May 29, 2014 - Sasquatch

Kemah target

Hello. I’ve been at target for a 1 1/2 months and i hate it. first off, my supervisors are terrible. They rarely help and are never by the front lanes, which they should be. They’re either out hiding somewhere claiming they are in need some where else or hiding in the office.

As cashier, i had no training; just a book that had the basics. I was then put on by myself after that and it started out pretty good until the guests kept asking about gift registry, suspending the transaction, or if we carried an item. each time i would call out for the supervisor to help me and they would get mad about that and just take over, then tell me there’s a “help” button that calls them. But they never answer the call, even for change that i need. Which would make the customer wait. They also told me the guest is always right. so if they claim an item if for this price instead of what rang up, change it. And when a coupon doesn’t go through, but they guest claims its for them item they bought, accept it anyway. oh well, means target loses money. 😀

As cart attendant, it’s the only thing i got trained for. its alright because there’s no social interaction with guests. But when i’m by myself for closing, i am expected to get ALL the carts in, get abandon’s, hangers, defectives/donations, and check bathrooms. It may not sound to bad, but when you’re by yourself, the cart pusher is not working, and they won’t send help; it’s terrible! But when i have another cart attendant or some help, i get it done in no time.

The people i work with are awesome and funny, except my 2 supervisors


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