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November 9, 2010 - smallz123

Just started and I regret it terribly!!

I took a seasonal position,  hoping to hold me over till I found something better, or to be able to work part time there and somewhere else during and  after the holiday.  I’m used to working in an office, something far more structured and used to a far more professional atmosphere. I knew I was running a risk of being trapped in a job I may hate, but needed to make some bucks. I was told the only position available was register, which I was reluctant to take.  Well, I did so and it’s been a nightmare.  I made it clear in my interview I wanted to be cross trained for other jobs so I could pick up more hours. I was told by both people who interviewed me that I could do that, and it would be helpful during the seasonal rush.  I have mentioned it a few times and no one wants to address the issue. They treat me like I’m the asshole. Stupid fuckers!! The old bitches at the front are caddy and outright nosey.  I must not be fast enough, cause I feel like people are over my shoulder all the time. I guess you are supposed to put the 20’s and larger bills under that orange thing in the register, when I’m busy I don’t want to be taking more time to do that, so I don’t. Of course I had to hear about it from one of the other employees, not an LOD or someone more appropriate to be telling me these things of course.  I get the most awful schedules, like 4 hours in the middle of the fucking day…and like 13 hours a week..what the fuck is that? I have missed some things, like when people have stuff under the carts, I don’t give a shit whatsoever! I’m sure this will be used against me. The ‘guests’ can all fuck off, I’m one of those people who’s more than happy to let a customer know that I can call a manager over to explain things further as I won’t take an ounce of crap from these people. Most of them are major white trash! I know this is an issue, cause none of the leaders step up and deal with anything, they sure don’t want to deal with an angry customer. Tonight, I was leaning against the end of the register where the holding area is, I know I’m not explaining this well, but I was leaning while it was slow. This old ****, a Target lifer one of the other LOD’s (I think) told me not to do that, then called the front end LOD and they stood there discussing the matter in front of myself and guests. Big shit deal, I was leaning against the fucking thing. Instead of walking over and asking me politely, she pulls this shit. The LOD said nothing to me, as a matter of fact I’ve seen other people doing it, so I didn’t think it was an issue. When I went to clock out, this **** was sitting in the back on one of the computers and said ‘goodnight’ I greeted her with  the same thing, because I don’t want to be the rude classless one (even though I’m in a blog trashing this place and people) It seems none of the LOD’s are on the same page, I get different answers from all of them. I’m on the hunt for something else. I certainly hope it comes soon. I have been given no courtesey from this company. I don’t believe any of the ‘leaders’  or other employees for that matter are in any position to tell anyone how to conduct themselves as they are outright awful. These people are unforgivably rude and inconsiderate.  I urge anyone who is thinking about working at Target to think again!


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  • smacias90 says:

    Wow, allI have to say is this is so true! I quit today. My shift was from 11am to 7 pm, I walked out around 2. They gave me fucking horrible hours too, i never got weekends off! I fucking hate the the people at the front end, guess theyre called GSA or whetever who the fuck cares theyre all assholes. and lets get fuckin real, almost all the asshole guest dont give a flying FUCK about redcards, and I dont give a shit if u have coupons or not, so if u hand them to me great. I usually smiled at everyone and said hello how was ur day and the guest would be like fine how about urself, and thats that... so wtf was the problem? Today i was fed up 100%. the grocery manager was a total bitch to me, i acutally didnt know who she was until she properly introduced herself. what happened was i was on my break and i went to food ave to get a quick snack cuz i was starving. the grocery manager was in the way completly stocking up everything, she just gave me a look like wtf r u doing, i just looked at her and she told me to just move the cart because the cart was blocking the entire fridge, and i did so as she told me and she gave me another look so i thought watever... so breaks done, go back out ring up customers and i DO greet them, and as u know, u know not all customers give a shit to even be spoken to so I know when they dont evenwanna talk to u and i dont really bother talking to them. well this bitch grocery manager comes thru my line to buy something and she asks me " ru ok?" and i smile and im like yea i am. and shes like well im wondering u didnt even talk to the guest at all.. I made the nastiest face at her, in my head i was thinking (who the fuck is this dumbass telling me how to do my job..i did talk to the guest fuck off) so when her transaction was done a threw the money at her and didnt saY ANYTHING to her, she didnt like that at all. Then she goes out there and she tells one of the front end ppl that watch us that she needs to talk i proceed to her office, she introduces herself and i think (oh shit) then she has the nerve to tell me that i didnt ask her for coupons or for a red card, and straight up told her i dont need to ask employee's if they have coupons or redcards, theyre usually in a hurry and they dont care, then shes like well u were trained to do that, u threw the money at me, and that tells me u treat our guest like that. and i just turned into a mega bitch giving her my worst attitude on purpose that she almost just kicked me out of her office. then she tells me shes gonna let one of the other front end ppl/ gsa know about this, and i was like (fuck that!) because the lady she was going to tell...i had major problems with. so i told her u know what i already gave in my 2week notice and idc to work here anymore, im done and i threw my name tag at her, and she just told me to return my SHITTY ass discount card that honestly barely saved me fucking money. fuck these ppl at target. idont give a fuck to be all chipper 24/7 thats not me. i was also seasonal!

    • KBtheworkerbee says:

      I remember reading your post a little while ago, smacias90.
      I still work at Target unfortunately as a cart attendant. Anyone know any CA stories?


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