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December 23, 2013 - JustASlaveUntilTheMusicPays

Just As I Thought…

So, on my last shift, my prediction came true. I was chewed out for essentially being too good a worker. Why/how am I supposed to work the line and/or do reshops if it’s all backstock? Isn’t sticking to the brand of “Fast Fun & Friendly”, being a team player, and showing initiative what you want from us? You just told me I lack initiative, so I guess now I show too much.


So fine. From now on, I’ll do exactly as I’m told. Nothing more, nothing less. Won’t answer any calls on the walkie unless I’m called by name. If Electronics needs help or a Guest asks for something, I’ll just ignore them. That’s exactly what I should be doing, according to them. Just saying “I’m sorry, but could you fuck off so I can finish what I’ve been told to do?”. So fine. I won’t be chummy anymore. I’ll just speak when spoken too. If you don’t appreciate my work ethic and genuine love for providing customer service, that’s your loss.


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