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August 9, 2015 - Teddiursa82

Job Phone Interview, Where art Thou?

So Last Monday I got a call from a woman at Target stating they want to set up a phone interview for Wednesday at 5pm. I told her that it would be fine and thanked her. I been unemployed for almost 4 months now and had little success with getting interviews, so I was fine with a phone interview.

Wed. comes and then nobody calls me, I call at 530 and ask and nobody gets back to me until 9pm and the woman states that the Woman who does the phone interviews didn’t show for her shift today and then she tells me someone will call tomorrow at 10am. Thursday 10am to 11am nobody calls. I call back and ask and they say the woman showed up but then took off on and she would call me when she returns. Nobody called so I call at 3pm.

The woman tells me that the other woman who does the interviews didn’t show up. So she would have someone call me to set up another interview. Nobody calls, yet again. I call on Friday and talk to a manager. He gets told that I was Harassing the store and that I need to stop and someone will get back to me about the interview.

Today I get a message in my email. “Unfortunately we can not give you a job at this time,” seriously they wasted my time all last week. Thank you Harlem Target in NY for wasting my time, and stating to stop harassing over an Interview that was offered to me for a possible job.


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