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July 3, 2015 - mrsirsir

I’ve finally experienced what a true target store manager is like

So our normal manager is out with a shoulder surgery and he’s been out for 3 months. I don’t care what anyone says he is a damn good manager and deserves to work in a better place to target. Even though I get mad at him he does just sit in his office he actually helps out on the floor. He worked his way up from cart attendant to manager.

So he goes out for surgery on his shoulder and he’s out for about 2 months now so target feels like they need to send us a fill in manager. Instead they sent us a bitch. She does not help out like our real manager. She has cut our hours so thin it’s not even funny. Backroom team members know trying to do the 12s cafs on a Sunday is near impossible. She also handled the store inventory this year and last year it went smoothly. With our real manager he stayed back there the whole time with all the etls in tow and helped out and rewarded us with ordering pizza for all team members. The fill in sat in her office the whole time and made a majority etls just stand to the side and did not permit them to help because they needed to learn to delegate. Also she did not treat the team members she ordered pizza but it was for etls only. Well until I snuck Into the offices took two boxes home with me but that’s another story.

Anyway it seems like all my past experiences were not really what the rest of you have felt. The fill in manager we have is what I assume I what the average target store should have. I really miss our normal manager 🙁


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