Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 31, 2015 - Logistics yahh mule

Its not hard work??

24 yr old STL whom thinks he knows everything. Treats everyone like machines not people. Says ” its not how hard you work, its all perception ” really you leave 22-24 carts of stray on top of a 2200 RDC trailer. 368 FDC trailer and 2 pallets of McLane- zone- help work back room all for Flow to work.. What perception are you looking for? We always say don’t worry we got it, and your self centered, egotistical, disengaged, insincere and insecure…call me negative.. Screw you I’m so done with these young F that think we owe them everything while we bust our asses  to get the job done. AccountAbility sure  is not for any of the suck ups on the sales floor or the TLs that kiss your A**!

Karma buddy! You want to make everyone happy or you would turn in your keys?  Guess what we will leave first. Good luck putting out your fires now.  Target you are not thinking of your team anymore. They don’t care! It’s all about $ and RED CARDS.



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  • viciousdave says:

    Same here. I work cashier. They say i havn't sold red cards in 4 months. So, it's about being nice as a cashier to the people so target keeps making thousands of dollars in every store everyday and that's what we do, it's easy, make the store thousands of dollars everyday. She says that doesn't matter, sure we make money but we need to sell red cards. I say why. She says it's targets objective. I say no it's not, it's about money, everything is about money, the red card makes target more money because the interest is paid to target while the regular money is shared with MasterCard sponsoring it. Target tarshit, you think you can fool us? We know it's all about money, duh dumbshiatos.

  • Silverfox says:

    It's not mastercard. It's Visa. And Target doesn't run the red cards anymore. Td Canada trust does though it's usa arm. Target sold their red cards to Canada. They only get a share of the interest money at best. They don't get all of it. TD Red card visas are grandfathered and no new ones are being issued. Td is only issuing private label Target red cards. I don't know it sounds like someone is ashamed of target and it's keeping it in the backroom where no one knows about them. And I don't blame them. Look what happened to target when they ventured onto Ontario and the rest of Canada. They flopped major big time. And news of that flop spread westward so every Canadian by the time target reached the west coast, everyone already had a shitty bad impression of target but somehow they still couldn't manage to change hearsay and make a good impression. They continued confirming the bad news about target that spread across the country like wildfire.

    • viciousdave says:

      Ok, but seriously, the Target I work at and all of Minnesota and probably all targets have the new gold chip in there cards now and the red cards are Mastercards now. It was Visa about 5 years ago, and than it became target owned only for 3 years and now with the new chip pin cards it has associacian with Mastercard. I'm a cashier, I'm not lying about this. That's how they look at my store. The target debit is just target, target credit is mastercard now. I have one on me. Visa died off as the supported of target after the breach and issued target only red cards credit and debit. Than went to mastercard. Here is industry news for confirmation it is mastercard red card now.

      • Silverfox says:

        Right. Td has the ability to offer mastercard since they bought the mbna portfolio in canada. Previously they were visa only. But it's still run by td canada trust usa arm. Still not issuing td red mastercard to new applications. Seems like td just Merely just swapped the td red visa people to mastercard. Seems revealing does it not? Target is only getting a fraction of the interchange and interest payments.


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