Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

May 14, 2019 - mchisari

It’s Like I want to see NO MORE TARGET!!!

Ok,  so  as you guys read further, and before I begin with all the fucking goddamn bullshit that Target/Tarshit and the Tarfuckers at target workers had to offer me, I want to say that this is true and I’m sorry you had to see the light of day of me, the dark side and the true hate that comes out of my soul. Prievious versions were bad and inappropriate and threats. This is clean, and free from threats. I worked in an absolute hellwhole for more than 6 months. It was absolute Hell! I walked into the motherfucking store, may I remind you that everyone hates their damn jobs, INCLUDING THE CASHIERS!!! THEY DONT FUCKING DO ANYTHING EXECPT STAND THERE AND PUT A FUCKING SMILE UN YOU ASSWIPE FACE AND PRETEND TO FUCKING LIKE IT!!!!!! I wanted to apply to a job at the electronics department, I went inside to a retarted office where it was fucking messy. They said that I would be in the electronics, BUT NO!!!!!!! I had to be a asslicker CART ATTENDANT!!!!! They scheduled me as just cart attendent. WHERE I FUCKING ASSLICK EVERYONE’S COCK AND GET NO FUCKING RESPECT!!!! THEY ARE ABSOLUCTLEY FUCKING DISCRIMITORY TARFUCKERS! The LODS,  GSAS, or whatever they are, they would call me in to clean shit in the fucking bathrooms! (With NO TRAINING!!!)( THAT’S FUCKING ILLEGAL!!!) I was also in charge of dispersing all hand baskets thoughout the store,Bringing up all the bags that was heavier than me to the front of the store. ( I nearly just killed myself just getting these overstuffed bags, that is 90 pounds to my fucking heart, down from the shelf), but wait it gets better, I had to be outside in all weather regaurdless of any weather, even a rapture. All other cart attendants were not team players. I had to cover one Cart Attendant at tars hit because he calls in every sing fucking shift that he has to fucking work at least 2 fucking days a week? WOW WHAT A RETART. Then I get blamed for every single thing that everyone else dose! That’s really not fair! Welp, they have training (or so they think it is) I thought the training was retarted, it was answer questions and it had nothing to do with cleaning bathrooms with shit, piss, pubic hairs, and occasionally guys may think its funny to make fucking cumm in the bathroom. AND I HAD TO TOUCH IT. DISCUSTING! Then I asked the retarted fat GSTL if I can go inside to go do some cashiering, because I fucking hate it! I had enough of it! She said flat out to me, “I see you more as a cart attendant, than as a cashier”. In my head I thought it was a blessing to me because why in my right mind would I care about being with THESE FUCKING FAT HOGS AS CASHIERS, THAT DON’T FUCKING DO ANYTHING!?!? Anothing thing I wanted to add, that I broke twice as many carts, and shit inside the fucking store as well, more than anyone else that hates this store. I QUIT AS OF MAY 12th 2019, ON SUNDAY, AND I KNOW FOR THIS, I DON’T CARE IF I AM RACIST OR ANYTHING, BECAUSE I TRIED AND TRIED TO GET INTO A CASHIER POSITION, BUT NOW I HOPE NOT ONLY THE WORST FOR TARGET, I HOPE EVERY LEADERS GET THE FACT THAT THERE WILL NOT BE A TARGET. GO TO WALMART INSTEAD.It’s better than TARSHIT!!! They don’t help you, I never gave my two weeks to target. I will never shop there, work there or use my fucking douchebage discount which was retarted from the begining. I couldn’t use my discount for anything except redcard and cash. Not only they rip off customers, but they rip off fucking team members too! I’m sorry for anyone that had expeirienced this, GOODBYE TARGET. FUCK TARGET. (because nobody will come back after what I’ll say to people) I will never recomend this place to anyone. because if they ask me I’ll sound so nasty that they will never shop there again. LET’S MAKE TARGET GONE!!!!!!!! TARGET, SEE YOU IN HELL!



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