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November 24, 2011 - Notstaying

It’s all true

Wow I’m so glad I found this site! I thought it was just me! I just started a couple weeks ago as seasonal sales floor associate/cashier. I knew the pay would be low but geez, how can anyone who NEEDS TO live on $7.50/hour? Even at full time that wouldn’t pay my rent. I don’t understand all the levels of “leaders” or who does what & I never know who I’m supposed to report to when I show up for work. Most of the time we are out of walkies so I cant ask for help if I need it while on the floor & last night my LOD tells me i need to do my gobacks with “more urgency” Seriously?? This isn’t the CIA, it’s target!! and this is my 4th time at work, it takes me longer to find stuff than someone whose been there for 5 years and if they want me to move faster they need to pay me at least $2/hour more. This girl is like half my age, she has NO idea what “urgent” really is, she’s really excited to have a title. It’s a lot of work constantly on your feet for very little money, I nearly walked out when she said that to me last night. I am fortunate in that I planned to be out of work voluntarily for awhile so i have money saved up and don’t need this job, I just wanted to start working again at what i thought would be a low stress kinda fun place–wow so wrong! Some of these “leaders” take it SO seriously, I had 3 different ones tell me 3 different things last night & I never got my last break because of the “urgency” and “I expect all those gobacks to be done by the time your shift ends” business. They scheduled me for register a LOT in the next 2 weeks even though I’m supposed to be sales floor and only backup cashier and i’m not happy about that. I had register training nearly 3 weeks ago & was on it for about 2 hours and non since, I feel like I have no idea what i’m doing up there & they just throw me in there for a whole shift??!! Thanks. I’m not going to shove the redcard down people’s throats, i don’t care what they say. I hate it when sales people do it to me! I will try to stick it out through the end of December because the employee discount comes in handy but if little miss urgency gets in my face again I’ll just hand her my badge & discount card, get my stuff and head home.


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  • Notstaying says:

    I wanted to add I have nothing against hard work or even being on my feet all day...but for all the aches & pains its causing me it just isn't worth it for $7.50/hour.

  • Investigating Target says:

    Hey "not staying" - feel free to contact me directly. We are working on a case against Target for failing to ensure the employees get their breaks. I would really like to speak with you. Feel free to email me at

  • deartarget says:

    I had the same experience with the "cashier training." As a person who is comfortable working at a Pos register, I was confident that I would have no problems as a cashier. Lord was I wrong, have you noticed that when you need help a LOD/GSTL is nowhere in sight & takes forever to respond and when you need no help, they're just walking around doing nothing in particular?

  • jenna says:

    Haha you guys are right! The GSTL is never around when u need help..and they all talk about moving with "urgency" yet the GSTL is always coasting away and taking their sweet time to reply to u when u turn on the little wtf..the lines full and "guests" are waiting! I had my former GSTL tell me it annoyed him when I called him over and to not do wtf..I wouldn't need to if you responded to the light! Sometimes he'd just be there right behind me and ignore for soo wth.. he said I don't need to call cuz they get some kinda page on that walkie when the light goes off but they never effin come when they're needed!! They take forever... and the "guests" get real impatient as anyone would be. I hated pushin the damn redcards down ppl's throat..OMFG! I felt like I was selling myself..I had to act cute and flirty to get the damn surveys and wtf...I got really good at it tho but it was annoying and I signed up to be a cashier not to sell anything being being cute and lying ! ugh


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