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April 28, 2014 - Ihatetarget50613

It is Ok for SGL’s to have sex with married GL in Cedar Falls Iowa.

Happened at my distribution center in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The SGL still has his job and no one in the building respects him now doesn’t matter he is still there and walks like he owns the place. He is close to the GM so it wasn’t a shocker he is still at work. Everyone knows about it and we are wondering what the heck is our management doing. The GL he had sex with has been with other guys in the building and she is married. She doesn’t try to even hide she is out messing around with coworkers. I am hoping to get another job and get out of this place but for now I am stuck. It is hard to trust staff when they are all so close to each other and seem to be in inappropriate relationships. A married male SGL who just moved to the building over the summer is really nice but he is very close to a single female SGL who is also somewhat new to the building. I never see his wife when I have been off work and saw him at lunch twice he was with this female SGL. They always look very close and more like a couple than coworkers. Even after work I have seen him with her at a local spot near the distribution center. Out on a Saturday I have seen him with her the dumpy wife is nearby but he is always close by the female SGL.  I hope his wife figures things out and I hope I can get out of this place soon.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Sounds like you need to fuck her to fit in...

  • disgusted says:

    tarshit, more high school type drama then you ever bargained for, sadly thiis is how it is now, anyone above a TM gets away with whatever they want, it's just how it is

  • fucktarget says:

    What in the hell are you bitching about? Fuck her too! Loose women make the world go 'round. Plenty of them at Target too.

  • jl_s says:

    Omg. This has happened at my store with 2 regular team members. They were having sex in the backroom on the clock. All the ETL's knew about it, cameras captured it. But they didn't fire them. The STL did nothing. We didn't have an ETL-HR at the time. Multiple calls to the team member hotline and nothing was done. They even allow a AP and regular TM relationship. Worst management ever.

  • TargetGrunt says:

    Report Number : TGT-14-04-0980
    PIN: SZR7

    Feel free to add any additional information that you deem necessary, ihatetarget50613.


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