Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

October 28, 2014 - SometimesWinnersQuit

Is there a TARGET policy for how late on closing they can keep you? 2-3 hours past closing all the time!!

Let me preface this by stating our store used to close at 10 pm. We now close at 11. Staying 2-3 hours late gets us clocked out sometimes at 1 am and on some occasions nearing 2 am. It was normal for us to have our zones completed by 11 in hardlines, but for some reason we are constantly being kept late and it gets blamed on softlines who they rarely have more than 2-3 people working ALL of softlines. Now we have low coverage in hardlines as well, but when the reshop is out of control on Saturday’s for example, there is little chance of it being completed by closing from the softlines people. The cashiers leave on time no matter what… but they use hardlines to help softlines and even when everything seems to be completed we are still kept additional hour(s). If I am scheduled from 3pm to 11:30 pm I think it should be reasonable to expect to leave by 12:00 am which is already 30 minutes past my shift. I sometimes have assignments that need turned in by the morning, but they really don’t care how much they screw our schedules up. I have even worked till 2 am and they knew I had to come in early for ad placement at 6 am but they said I had to show up or be fired. BLECH



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  • Silverfox says:

    At that point you might as well camp at target so you don't lose time going home to shower and go to bed. Next time you should bring a tent and camp out at target. Target should invest in tent dorms in their parking lot


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